Monday, June 16, 2014

You Take Me the Way I Am

'Cause I love they way you say "Good Morning", and you take me the way I am.
Hello! A couple of days ago, the rumor of new mesh breasts from Lolas set the grid on fire. Fitted mesh breasts, finally! Of course I went to grab a pair.
These boobies are rigged to your avie, so instead of changing their size via a menu, you can change them by editing your shape. This is both a blessing and a curse. No longer are they stuck to being super perky, you can "sag" them a little to make them appear more natural, however, you have to keep these breasts on the larger side, or else they'll sink into your chest. 
They come with an alpha, so skin blending is much more appealing, and a lot of the issues with seams on the original Tangos/Mirage are fixed with these breasts. 
They're completely re-made and they look a little like a Tango/Mirage hybrid, and in my opinion they look much more natural.
Also, you can add physics! You can finally walk around the grid with jiggly boobs when you move - without using a seperate script that bounces your breasts whether you're moving or not.
All in all, a pretty good purchase. I wish they were a bit cheaper, because they're not drastically different from the original Tango breasts, but not a complete waste of lindens.
<3 Jasey

Skin/Face: Romy Visage Applier - America: Glam Affair
Skin/Body: Isla - Pale: League
Breasts: Tangos Delicq: Lolas
Bottom: Ghetto Booty No. 1 2.0: uL
Hair: April - Gingers: Truth
Head: Visage Mesh Head  - Emma: Slink
Hands & Feet: Slink
Panties: Lullabye Nighties - Cream: Le Forme
Decor:Bazar, Tres Blah @ The Arcade

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