Friday, June 27, 2014

When All the World is Spinning 'Round

(This looks much better on flickr, click here to see)

Hello ^_^
Everyone has been in a frenzy over the new mesh body that the Shops just released, and like everything else they release, I really really love it. At first.
What's not to love about this body? The mesh is absolutely spot on - now that it's been updated - I can finally have the shape I've always wanted for my avie, cutely pear-shaped. The way the body responds to animations and poses is just perfect, even the crazy ones. Skin textures on the body look amazing. Perfect in every way.
EXCEPT, and oh yes, there's an except, there's no Slink compatibility whatsoever. The Shops sort of force you into using their mesh attachments with the body, even though they could have easily made it Slink compatible. A little bratty in my eyes, but it's their product with which they are allowed to do whatever they please.
Another downside, there's no alpha system, like with the Physique and the Wowmeh. There's no way to wear anything other than what they make for their body, and seeing as it took them forever to release creator packs to skin creators, it could be quite a while before we can wear this beautiful body with anything other than the undies that come with it, and the freebie dress available for it.
With a tush like this, how can you expect me to not be bummed about not being able to wear it?
 (This looks much better on flickr, click here to see)
So as I huff and puff about the downsides to this body, I can't help but applaud the Shops for their amazing work on this body, and while I highly doubt the Shops designers is gonna care much about this, there is a petition going around asking the Shops to make their amazing mesh body slink compatible. You can check that out here.
For now, the mesh body is free, and I highly recommend you go grab it while it's still free, because it is a really amazing body.
<3 Jasey

Skin/Face: Chanel - 08: The Shops
Head: TheMeshProject Babydoll Mesh Head - Deluxe: The Shops
Body: TheMeshProject Body w/Hands and Feet: The Shops
Hair: Rochelle - Blondefun: Lelutka
Lipstick: Jetset - Purples: The Shops
Flower Petals: Petals in the Wind: Adorkable Poses

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