Monday, June 29, 2015

Three Goddesses

So, this morning I logged on to a new Belleza Mesh Body update, and I was delighted to see new body types included with the update.
On top of the updated Venus, you'll receive Freya and Isis - 2 new mesh bodies.
First and foremost, my favorite, Freya:
This is a slightly curvier version of the original Venus. The only issue I have with this shape, is how teeny tiny the waist is. No matter if you raise the "Love Handles" option when you edit your shape, the waist to hip ratio stays relatively the same.
Isis is leaner, and sleeker than Venus and Freya. It's described as being more detailed in the update NC given with the update.
The original Goddess, Venus. There hasn't been any noticeable updated to the Mesh of the Venus body that I can detect, however, the HUD has gotten a make-over. 
Along with new alpha slots, there's a new Wardrobe HUD, which makes it easier to save and store outfits without having to search your inventory for appliers. You just put together the outfit, or even just a single piece of an outfit, save it to the Wardrobe HUD, and viola! 
All of these updates are free if you're a previous Belleza Venus owner, but if you don't have the Venus body yet and are looking for some extra incentive, here you have it. For the price of one Belleza Venus body, you get 3, along with matching hands and feet, and an easy way to store outfits meant for the body. 
p.s.: If you're looking for a more in-depth review of Belleza's Venus, check out my original post about it Here
<3 Jasey

Head: Stella Mesh Head: Lelutka
Skin: Melian for Lelutka Heads - Tone 02: YS&YS @ The Fantasy Collective
Body: Venus Mesh Body Version 3: Belleza
Lingerie: Hanky Panky Lingerie Set - Pink: Blacklace
Shoes: Liz Stiletto - Suede Black: Nardcotix
Necklace: Queen of Hearts Necklace: Cae

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daily Grind

I was cleaning up the mess I call an inventory when I happened upon an old landmark for the New York City sim. I hadn't been there since 2013 - which is eons in Second Life time - and wondered if it was even still there, and to my surprise it was! It is a really beautifully done sim, so of course I had to take a picture.
This was also a good reason to go shopping (like I need a reason), and luckily, Coldlogic and Ploom are both having summer sales, so I snagged a few things.
It seems to be that time if year where everything is on sale! There are quite a few stores putting on Summer sales that I know of - Fatewear/play/step, Magika, and Third Eye to name a few, and Truth just added a bunch of new hairstyles to their discounted stock, so I would check that out too if you're looking for a good deal.
<3 Jasey

Skin/Head: Alex Mesh Head - Alabaster: Logo
Hair: Sharla: Ploom
Top/Tied Shirt: Esper - Sandy Sky: Coldlogic
Bottoms: Jennings - Slate: Coldlogic
Shoes: Pandora Sandals - Noir: Ingenue
Banjo: Busking On - Banjo: BALACLAVA!
Body Tattoo: Metallic Arrow Body Tattoo: Izzie's @ The Fantasy Collective
Poses: Marukin 


Uber opened up today, and the theme this round is Rustic, so I decided to go for a little glamping trip. Trompe Loeil has a fantasic Glamping set available at Uber which has got to be my favorite thing ever, perfect for the Diva trying to reconnect with nature.
There are loads of adorable items to choose from this round. You should really take a chance to check it out.
<3 Jasey

Skin/Head: Alex Hybrid Mesh Head - Almond: Logo
Hair: Librarian Chic: Exile
Dress: Sweety Slip - Summer: Junbug @ Uber
Necklace: Pomme de Pin: Cae
Body: Physique Mesh Body: Slink
Hands & Feet: Slink
Body Tattoo: Metallic Arrow Tattoo (Physique Applier): Izzie's @ The Fantasy Collective
Pose: Stand 394: bang! Poses
Tent & Bed: Cassia Collection: Trompe Loeil @ Uber
Tree Ring - Moon Girl: Floorplan
Bon Voyage Suitcase Clutter Rare: Tres Blah
German Shepherd Puppy Decor - Sitting: Mishmish @ Uber

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Salt Water Waves

Hello again! 
So, I came back from my SL break, to see that Logo had released a beautiful mesh head in my absence.
This beauty is called Alex, and she is jam packed with some amazing things. 
***Just as a warning*** This is post is very in-depth. I'll be showing pretty much every option this head comes with, so be prepared for a lot of photos and info. If you're not into that kind of thing, I'll post a TL;DR before the giant wall of review.***

So, TL;DR: This new head comes with the standard defaults for Eye makeup, blushes, and lipsticks. The newly added features include some amazing new expressions, and the option to add a new face set - freckles. All of the makeup options - including the optional add-ons, will include a freckle option, should you choose to use it. The freckles however, are an add-on sold separately. 
The head and included makeups is 2,500L's, not a bad price considering all it comes with. The optional add-ons range from 99L to 499L. The head does come with a base skin, but doesn't come with any appliers. Appliers are sold separately.
One of the best features of the new head, is all of the new expressions. While all Logo heads come with expressions, Alex has the most variety.
(These are the default expressions - click to enlarge)
(These are the add-on expressions - click to enlarge)
Another great feature about these expressions is that you can mix and match - meaning you can have the eyes from one expression, and the mouth from another. This adds a great variety to what you can do with this head.
(These are the default eye makeups - click to enlarge)
(These are the add-on eye makeups - click to enlarge)
There are so many makeup options to choose from, even without purchasing the add-ons. Ranging from simple to dramatic, there is something for every occasion you can think of.
These are just the eye makeups. Wait until you see how many lipstick options there are.
(These are the default lipstick options - click to enlarge)
(These are the add-on lipstick options - click to enlarge)
Sooo many options. 
On top of all these choices, there are extra nose, cheek, and eye options to really customize the look of your avatar.
Logo's Alex is in the same ballpark price-wise as most other popular mesh heads in the market. However, these aren't third-party accessible like heads such as Slink Visage, or the Lelutka mesh head, so that is something to consider if you're looking for a new mesh head. 
All-in-all I really like this head. I wish that the appliers for other mesh body parts weren't so expensive, since they aren't included in the 2,500L mesh head purchase (I paid nearly 500L's for just the Physique applier). But the face is fantastic, and the facial expressions are perfectly adorable.

<3 Jasey

Skin/Head: Alex Hybrid Mesh Head - Alabaster: Logo
Hair: Pick Up Lines: Exile
Kristen: Elikatira
Necklace: Fruit Necklace - Cherry: Yummy Accessories
Jewelry: Shoreline Jewelry Set: Cae
Top: Arlett Tee - Pineapple: Tres Blah @ Collabor88

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bubble Pop Electric

Someone's been to the Geeks and Nerds fair, can't you tell?
Last year, the G&N Fair blew me away, and I was ecstatic when I found out they were doing it again this year. I was so excited to see all of the diverse an wonderful crea-Let's be honest, I was really only looking for the Whovian swag, but then I saw how delightfully geeky The Sugar Garden's gamer girl necklace was. AND THOSE SHOES. Can we talk about those shoes? They're feckin' NES shoes. Come on! My inner nerd came out and had a field day. Those creators...They really know how to please this Geeky McSpazatron. There's even Prrmbahs...Don't know what a Prrrmbah is? Oh, it's a delightful little kitty riding a Roombah (A robotic vaccuum and the Bane of my Dog's existence) which of course, I didn't grab because I really only care to have a platform >.<
The Geeks and Nerds fair opens up tonight at Midnight SLT and you really should check it out. If not only for the glorious Prrrmbahs.

<3 Jasey

Skin: Sansa Visage Applier: YS & YS (Your Skin & Your Shape)
Head: Visage Mesh Head - Becky: Slink
Hair: Aviva - Reds: Truth
Top: Lola Cropped Sweater - Fancy Mix: The Secret Store
Skirt: Crepe Skater Skirt - Charcoal: The Secret Store
Tights: Super Tights (Physique Applier): Cannibelle @ Geeks and Nerds Fair
Shoes: full.control.platform: 1eQED @ Geeks and Nerds Fair
Necklace: Gamer Girl Necklace - Hot Pink: The Sugar Garden @ Geeks and Nerds Fair
Glasses: Shy Megane - Mint: The Sugar Garden
Nails: Mad Man's Fingernails: Hopscotch
Body: Physique Fitted Mesh Body: Slink
Hand Tattoo: Gallifreyan Hand Tattoos for Slink: Xanthe's
Hands & Feet: Slink

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Like a Black Widow, Baby

(This looks waaaay better on Flickr)

Skin: Demonia w/Slink Visage applier: Swallow @ Cosmetic Fair
Hair: Nightingale: Littlebones @ FaMESHed
Suit: Tailored Suit Collection - Black: *COCO* @ FaMESHed
Head: Visage Mesh Head - Emma: Slink
Skin: Cutie Moon Mesh Project Appliers - Pale 02: Essences
Head: Classic Fitted Mesh head: The Mesh Project 
Hair: Vixen - Gingers: Truth @ Uber
Lingerie: Contessa: Blacklace
Body: Physique Fitted Mesh Body: Slink
Hands & Feet: Slink
Pose: Glitterati
Decor: Floorplan and Stockholm & Lima

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drunk in Love: A review of Belleza's Venus Mesh body

***Warning, lots of Boobs, Vaginas and Info coming up!***

Belleza - finally - released their long awaited mesh body.
All hail Venus!
Anyways, this body, in my opinion, is the best one yet. It's exquisitely shaped, and...It's Slink compatible!
The body comes with a Slink fit option, but it also comes with it's own set of mesh hands and mesh feet. 
And when I say it comes with its own set of mesh hands...I mean it comes with it's own mesh hand army.
(So Sorry for the loooong wall of photos!)
16 hand poses in all, and they're interchangeable, you can wear a different pose on the left and right hands, and best of all, they're all controllable through the Venus HUD. No more digging through your inventory finding hand poses.
Now, for some HUDdage
We'll start with the alpha HUD. It's a lot more detailed than the Wowmeh HUD, and probably even the Physique HUD, but only slightly. I don't mess with the Mesh Project's alpha HUD, so I'm not sure how well that one works.
The sole purpose of the alpha HUD is to make mesh outfits wearable again. They're not foolproof though, so certain outfits can't be worn with the mesh body. Demo, demo demo when it comes to mesh clothing.
Here we have the Breast HUD, Skin HUD, Hand, and Foot HUD - In that order -.
In the breast HUD, you can switch from natural cleavage to Push up cleavage, and change your nipple color, the skin HUD allows you to change your skin tone to match any of Belleza's skins, but there are also skin presets so you can match to non-Belleza skins, and there are empty slots for third party appliers. You can also switch tattoos, clothing, and underwear layers using the Skin HUD.
The hand HUD is where you change your hand poses, and nail color, and the foot HUD is where you change foot positions and nail color. Included in the Foot HUD are three presets - Flat, Medium, and High - and JD (Just Designs) has allowed the JD Foot to be included in the HUD.
Lastly, a comparison of the three mesh bodies that are currently available
(These are all on the same exact shape, and with no editing - just windlights -)
First up, Venus:
Slink Physique:
Lastly, the Mesh Project
All-in-all, the Venus body is my favorite. It's compatible with my beloved Slink, but it has the ability to make a really cute chubby body. Case in point:
(Belleza does curvy rather well!)
The mesh project does well with cute and chubby too, but those feet are really awful, like so awful that they ruin the entire body, for me at least. TMP's main advantage is how beautiful and versatile the body can be,
Slink's main advantages are Slink hand/feet compatibility (duh!) and how realistic the hips and legs are, but Physique makes a prettier athletic/skinny body than it does a curvy one.

Venus will run you about L$4,000, a bit pricey, but well worth it in my opinion, if you're a fan of mesh bodies like I am.
Soon enough, the system avie will be obsolete, a welcome change?

<3 Jasey

Ashley BBB 3 - Pale: Belleza
Anouk - Nordic: Deetalez
Hair: Elizabeth - Irishred: Lelutka
Necklace: Charmed Necklace - Grace: Cae
Bodies & Hands & Feet: Venus Mesh Body: Belleza
Physique Mesh Body & Hands, Feet: Slink
Mesh Body Basic, & Hands, Feet (Beta): The Mesh Project
Eyelids: Mesh Lids & Lashes: Slink