Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hold Tight Mr. Sniffles!

Wizarding Faire opened up on the 12th, and you know I had to get my geeky butt over there to check some things out. 
There is some pretty amazing things for sale there, but first, a little bit about Mischief Managed - the group that organized this affair.
Mischief Managed is a very popular Harry Potter RP group, which attracts not only people on SL, but people within other Harry Potter roleplaying groups who joined Secondlife just to be a part of it.
I am a part of the RP group (Go Hufflepuffs!) and even though I've only RP'd there a handful of times, the people there make it a special and fun experience, enough to make a lasting impression on a RP newbie like myself.
The sim dedicated to the roleplay is decorated like Hogwarts - with some new editions like Hogsmeade, and Brighton Beach - and it is beautifully done. It really feels like you're walking around Hogwarts which is awesome for those of us who were heartbroken little 11-year-olds who never received their letter.
Some of the goodies I grabbed include the ever popular Ohmai Nifflers, Hopscotch's super handy Emergency Potion Bracers, the Pose Shop's Nimblus 2000 pose set, and some cute accessories from Nerdology, Strike It, the Little Bat, and Wicked Peach.
Wizarding Faire will be opened until July 25th, so make sure to pop on over and grab up some magical items before it's over.

Head/Skin: Alex Hybrid Mesh Head - Alabaster: LOGO
Hair: Oblivious: MaiOwn! @ Wizarding Faire
Top: Collared Shirt - White: Mon Tissu
Bottoms: Bloomsbury Trousers - Gray: Mon Tissu
Shoes: Lovegood Heels - Black: Fri.day
Glasses: Hipster Harry's - Onyx (Rare): [PURR] @ Wizarding Faire
Necklace: Owl Messenger Necklace - Gold: {Nerdology} @ Wizarding Faire
Pin: Button/Pin - Badger: The Little Bat @ Wizarding Faire
Bracers: Emergency Potion Bracers: *~*Hopscotch*~* @ Wizarding Faire
Bag: Scroll Case Bag: - STRIKE IT - @ Wizarding Faire
Animal: Nifflers Stance A - Jet: Ohmai Emporium @ Wizarding Faire
Pose/Prop: Nimblus 2000: The Pose Shop @ Wizarding Faire
Nails:Mani Pedi - Grimoire: Wicked Peach @ Wizarding Faire
Hands, Feet, & Body: Slink

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