Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Skin Fair Girls: The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door
Everybody loves her, and why wouldn't they? She's absolutely perfect. She was captain of the Cheerleading squad in high school, Valedictorian of her graduating class and all around good girl. Her outfits are always perfectly put together, never a hair out of place. Maybe she's an alien...Who cares? She's wonderful!
The skin I chose for Girl Next Door is Ellie from Adam n Eve at this year's Skin Fair, which opens up on the 13th. Along with the system skin version of Ellie, there is an applier for the new Slink Visage heads available to purchase  as well. If you haven't had a chance to demo the Visage heads, you really should check them out. There are 2 available, Emma, which is the one I'm wearing, and Becky. There are also some amazing expressions - perfect for photography - and there's already several creators who have released facial appliers for the Visage heads.
Ellie from Adam n Eve (for Slink Visage) comes with 3 brow options, Brown/Black, Blonde, and Ginger, and some cute makeup options, such as eyeliner, 3 eyeshadows, blush & bronzer and quite a few lipsticks/glosses.
You also have the option of wearing freckles, beauty moles, and a slight sunburn, so lots of customization options.

Expressions Row 1 (Left to Right): Neutral, Open, Smile
Row 2: Laugh, Frown, Sad
Row 3: Bite, Kiss, Sexy
Row 4: Wink, Smirk, Suprised
Along with all of those expressions, you can choose to close your eyes, or open them, and you can choose to turn blinking on and off. You can also tint your eyelashes, for all you brave souls out there.
Skin fair opens up on March 13th, so mark your calendars, and be sure to take off all AO's and scripts, because there will be a limit - just like last year - so if you don't want to get kicked be sure to leave the prim babes and the bling at home!
<3 Jasey

Head: Visage mesh head - Emma: Slink
Skin/Face: Ellie for Slink Visage - Tone A: Adam n Eve @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair: Richelle: Elikatira
Dress: Diaz - Pink: Coldlogic
Necklace: Gold Heart Key Pendant: Maxi Gossamer
Hands: Slink

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