Monday, March 10, 2014

Skin Fair Girls: The Exotic

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I hope you all are excited for Skin Fair, I certainly am, after my recent break up with The Mesh Project heads - and for good reason - I've been looking for a new look, and what better place to look than a fair meant for finding a new look!
As for my coverage of Skin Fair, I'll be doing a "Girls of Skin Fair" editorial of sorts. A series if you will. It's all really exciting and good for getting me back into the blogging groove!
First up is "The Exotic". She smells of coconut and has soft silky skin that looks like it's skipped the kissing and went all the way with the sun. She's mysteriously graceful and oozing with foreign charm. She is truly exotic.
The skin I chose for Exotic is the Skin Fair exclusive skin "Tian" from Glance.
It's so wonderful to see new things from that brand. I used to be obsessed with her Lana skin, and now she even has applier for Slink, Lolas, and Phat azz, which is a hy-uge plus.
Along with the lovely skin, there are corresponding mega-packs of eyeshadow and lipsticks available to buy at the fair as well. The only downside to this skin is the absence of eyebrow choices. You only get 3 with this skin: Blonde, Black, or Bare. There are 2 cleavage options, so there's that.
Skin Fair opens up on March 13th, so start saving up those L's.
<3 Jasey

Skin: Tian - SKT03: Glance @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair: Rain or Shine - Wild Fusion Rare: Exile @ The Arcade
Top & Bottoms: Dear Madi V.I.P. Gift: Lil'Lace
Tattoo: Karma - Faded: .Identity. Body Shop
Eyeshadow: Tian Eyeshadows - Eyeshadow 5: Glance @ Skin Fair 2014
Hands & Feet: Slink
Location: Skye Niest Point

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