Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Skin Fair Girls: The Georgia Peach

 The Georgia Peach
Her personality is as bright and sunny as her Daddy's farm. Her smile can knock you out from a mile away, and that accent, enough to make a man faint. Though her skin may look to be made of porcelain, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and work - as you can tell by her freckled, sun-burnt face. Bubbly as she may seem, she can pack a punch like one of "The Boys".
The skin I chose for the Georgia Peach is Marina from [Okkbye] in the Sunlit tone.
The skin itself doesn't come with the freckles and the sunburn, etc, that's all in a separate package, but it's well worth it. Included with just the skin is 2 cleavage options, and 4 eyebrow options - Black, Brown, Red, and Bare.
Also available at the Fair is an "Ultimate Lipsticks Pack" with a huge bundle of lipsticks, as you can imagine, a Cosmetics pack, which has a plethora of freckles and beauty marks, etc. with some blush and contours thrown in, and a "Rough Night" pack which includes eyebags and wrinkles to complete that exhausted look after a night full of shopping.
**Please don't mind the gross shadows, they're really weird tonight for some reason**
Above are the colors of the "Lippies" in the ultimate lipstick pack.They come in light, medium, and dark versions, as well as a shadowed version, and a tintable version of each color, so the colors will vary depending on the skintone you're wearing. Anyways, from left to right: Bitten Black, Candy, Crimson, Nude Peach, Nude, and Peach.
Lots and lots of customization options with this skin!
Skin Fair opens up on the 13th - as I say in all my posts about the fair - so start digging for your full body alpha, or even some pre-mesh clothes, and learn to love the noob walk because no one wants to be lagged out due to tummy talkers and *shudders* talking genitals. Please oh please leave the genitals at home, No one will be getting laid at Skin Fair! I promise :D
<3 Jasey

Skin & Makeup: Marina - Sunlit: [Okkbye] @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair: Jill - Gingers: Truth
Beth - Irishred: Lelutka
Top: Ruffle Tank - Peach: Tee*fy
Bottoms: Vintage Bells: Auxiliary
Hands & Feet: Slink
Necklace: Gold Cross Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
**Sorry for the non-linkage, I'll fix it in the morning**

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