Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In Your Eyes

**Giant wall of information coming up! Sorry in advanced, I'm just so excited.**
Recently, and I have no idea how I missed it, Curio released an applier for the new Slink Visage head. It's advertised as an applier for the Emma head, but it works for Becky as well. It just looks much cuter on Emma.
I was so excited when I went to go demo, but I had to keep thinking to myself "Don't get your hopes up". Aside from the basic LAQ skin I started with, the Pin up skins from Curio were the very first skins I chose that I actually loved. From then on (2009) Curio was my go-to skin store. Then I left SL for a while, and when I came back the Onevoice campaign had just ended, and I had no idea what was going on. When I read about it all, my heart had to go out to Gala Phoenix, and I was so sad when I saw that Curio was gone..
Then Curio came back, and with new releases! I excitedly demo-ed the new skins and my heart sort of sank a bit. While the skins were very pretty, and very Curio-y, they looked too 2010. 
Fast forward to yesterday, when I read on Plurk that Curio had a face applier for the new Visage head, I just had to go try it. I tried it on, and when I did, my brain just exploded. The face was just so damn pretty
There are also sooo many makeup options to make your look truly unique.
Soooo many buttons to press! It may look like a lot, because it is, but I'll show you all the makeup options :)
 First, the eye makeup. *It's the same for every brow color*
Can't forget the cheekies! There's a good mixture of blushes, contours, and freckles.

Last but not least, the lips. A good range of colors here.
Now, I'm a weirdo, and whenever I get a new skin with boob and butt appliers, I have to see what it looks like with all the body attachments, and what better way to test them out than with a new lingerie set from Blacklace?
This set is Lydia, available at the new Slink West, which is a sim just for Slink appliers and attachments. Lydia comes with appliers for everything; Boobs, Booties, Hands, and Feet - as well as stocking appliers for the new Gos system.
Might I also add, this set is super sexy. The gloves are just omg, and for some reason, I really love bralettes. Don't know what it is about them, I just think they add a bit of elegance.
Sorry about the giant wall of text and photos! I was just really happy about both the new Curio face and the new lingerie offering from Blacklace.
<3 Jasey

Skin: Applier for Emma by Slink - Pearl: Curio
Head: Visage Mesh Head - Emma: Slink
Lingerie: Lydia: Black Lace Bra Set: Blacklace @ Slink West
Shoes: Riverton Sandle Silver - Midnight: Hucci @ Collabor88
Hands & Feet: Slink
Bed: Nostalgia Bed - Wood/Plum: Scarlet Creative
Heart Decor: Vino Lover: Lark
Face Piercings: { Sugar Heart }

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