Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where the Swanboats go

Hey everyone :)
So there's 2 things I want to show off tonight:
1st, how adorable are those shoes?
They're the "Told you so" heels from [DDL] Accessories. I love them so much <3
I absolutely love frilly socks with heels, I don't know why. I guess they remind me of when I used to wear socks with my Maryjanes when I was reeeeally little.
The shoes look an awful lot like the fabric platform heels from SLink, which makes me a teeny bit nervous, but I couldn't resist. Sorry >.<
Okay, the 2nd thing I want to show off is the :nostos.deer: & Little Hopper sim. It's a GORGEOUS sim. 
It's all so pretty, and serene. When you're out by the swanboats, you can hear nothing but the waves crashing and the occasional Seagull. Then, when you move onto the snowier parts of the region you can hear the snow crunching beneath your feet. There is even a section of the sim where it is raining, and all you can hear is the rain. It's really peaceful actually. 
It's a pretty huge sim, with lots of cute little suprises hidden among the scenery (I found a baby swanboat floating around in a little river! How whimsical.) It's a really neat place to explore, and there's lots of little hangout spots to chill with your friends.
Here's the SLurl:

That's all for now! Toodles!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Hope Blonde T Soft Body - D Tone: The Sugar Garden
Hair: Hair C409 - CreamyYellow: tram
Top: Collared Shirt - Light Denim: Mon Tissu
Bottoms: Tulip Shorts - Cream: Mon Tissu
Shoes: Told you so Heels - Floral n2: [DDL]
Bracelets: FairyTale Charm Bracelets: Noodles
Necklace: Grenada Filigree Cross Necklace - Silver: Maxi Gossamer 

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