Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Basic B*tches!

More and more bloggers are getting into the Meme business...I love it! Memes can be so much fun <3
This one is called Basic B*tches, over on the Not Quite Pink blog.
So what do I wear when I take of all my clothes?
I'll start from head to toe :)
Hair: Mostly i'm a Truth gal, but lately I have been wearing tram hair. For tram I stick to either Beige, or CreamyYellow. (Wearing C411 in CreamyYellow) When I wear Truth hairs I switch from Strawberry, Beach, Oasis, or Fairyfloss. I rarely wear any other colors. My main hair color is light blonde.
Skin: Hope from The Sugar Garden has been the skin love of my SL for a little while now. But I have been known to break out my Curio or my League skins.
Brows: I usually just wear the brows from the last skin I was wearing, since my Hope skin doesn't come with brows. I believe at the moment I'm wearing the brows that come with the Isla skin from League.
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom. I only wear those eyes. They're just so darn pretty. My favorite color is Mochiberry, which is part of the Special Edition #3 Clarus eye collection.
Lashes: As of late, since I absolutely can't get mesh lashes to work for me, I've been wearing a combination of the Lush and Doll lashes from Hush, with the tattoo layer from the Lush lashes only.
Shape: The shape is my creation. It's a modified version of my Moka shape, which should be back on the MP shortly. 
Feet: I mostly wear the Arched bare feet from Gos Boutique. I'd prefer my SLink feet, but tsg hasn't made appliers for them yet. The Gos ones will do for now however. They're really cute, and it's actually really easy to match the skin. Unlike the SLink though, they aren't perfect, that's what bothers me >.<
Undies: Since I wear a lot of mesh, and surprisingly there are still people out there who don't have a mesh enabled viewer, I am always wearing the Comfy Womfy undies from *BOOM*, usually in Doll Pink. They're little enough to stay hidden, but cover my naughty bits quite well.
Accessories: I'm almost never seen without the FairyTale Charm bracelets from Noodles. I love them so much <3
And I always have one of my Cross necklaces from Maxi Gossamer on. Although for some reason, even though I'm wearing one of them, it decided not to show up for the picture *facepalms*
Oh, and I can't forget my Wedding Ring. It's the Everlasting Love bridal set in Platinum from Earthstones.
Welp, there are my basics. What are yours?
<3 Jasey

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