Saturday, May 4, 2013

TRPB Meme: The Real Me

So I was reading some blogs when I stumbled across this:
She's been making some memes lately, so I figured why not participate in another Meme challenge?
Here goes :D
1. What is the thing you fear most in the world above dying(that is if you fear death)?
  • Losing my son is my greatest fear. I can handle everything else as long as he's alright.
2. When’s the last time you sat down and contemplated where your life was going, and what did you concluded from that?
  • Ugh all the time. It actually causes me a lot of anxiety. Moving on!
3. If you could give any one person in the world a wish, a wish you knew you could grant, what would it be, and why would you give it to them?
  • My brother. He has Autism, and he wants to be a cartoon animator. It's hard for him, because he has such large ambitions that Autism takes from him, but I would grant him his wish of being the best cartoon animator ever. I wouldn't cure his Autism, because that's what makes him different in this cookie cutter world.
4. Cat, dog, rabbit, horse, chicken, dolphin? There are so many animals in the world, if you could be one, and had to think, act, be like one, with out human thoughts, emotions, perception of the world, which would you be, and why?
  • Everyone says that I'm like a Bunny, because I twitch my nose for no damn reason. I see myself as more of a large slightly stupid Dog, a Great Dane if you will. I'm clumsy, and not all quite there >.<
5. Today is the last day you’ll ever see your family. Some you may love, some you may hate, other you may not have any emotional attachment to. What would you do?
  • Wow. I would probably spend the whole day crying my eyes out. I want to say I'll spend the day doing everything I can with them, but I'd probably just sit there and cry like a bitch.
6. Given the chance to travel to one country -ONLY – in your whole life, other than the one you’ve grown up in, or have found yourself living in (pretend you’ve gone to no other country in the world other than the one you now call home) where would it be? Why, and for how long?
  • Hmmm. Lots of places I'd like to go, and this answer will probably change in a week or so, but at this moment I really want to go to Japan. I don't know why *Cough cough* Animes...It's a dumb reason to love Japan, but it is what it is.
7. Quick you have to pick 5 things to take with you as you are rushing out of the house- you don’t know what’s happening, where you’re going, whom is taking you where, or why, but you do know you can carry about 5 things, in the small bag you’ve given to take with you. What do you choose?
  • Eeerm...Phone, Diaper bag, Water bottle, Sippy cup, and my wallet. That's it. I'm a minimalist when it comes to leaving the house.
8. You’re sitting in a dream, you can tell you’re dreaming, but you’re not awake enough to move. What do you see? Is anyone there? (be creative, make something up, or recall a dream you had before)
  • This is harder then you'd think....Okay it's Christmas eve, and no one knows where I am, but I'm walking around trying to get their attention, then it dawns on me that I'm invisible to them. Then I go sleep for like ever because even in my dreams I dream of sleeping, that's how sleep deprived I am T_T
9. What color do you think you are?
  •  Either a pretty mint, or a light doll pink. Mostly pastel colors!
10.  If when it came to blogging, if you blog, no one say your blogs, no one commented, no one noticed, no one cared, at all, would you keep blogging? 
  • Of course! I've been blogging for what seems like an eternity, and not a lot of people read it. I'm pretty invisible in the SL blogosphere, but I love blogging, so I'll continue ^_^
I copied and pasted this from the blog and just put my answers in, so the text and spacing is gonna be all off. Sorry guys!
<3 Jasey

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