Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gimme some of that Sweet Stuff

Hello everyone ^_^
Yesterday Lil'Lace released some pretty awesome things. This here is called the Sweet Stuff dress and I'm wearing it in Pink/Blue.
I love the color combo, it's one of the combinations I have stashed away in my Wedding Color combos folder in my head, and the dress is so sweet. The Tango appliers make it sweeter, but I didn't feel like wielding my tit cannons for this picture. 
There are 7 Color combos to choose from:
Pink/Blue, Cream/Teal, Green/Yellow, Berry/Grey, Sky/Mud, Red/Black, and Green/Purple
While it's a very sweet dress, it is also very short. There's an alpha layer so there wont be any cheekage, but at the right angle anyone can get a nice view of the Vag, so cover up them bits ladies!
I love how realistic the shape of this dress is. A lot of mesh designers are guilty of shaping their dresses to fit the stripper poles these ladies come off of (I <3 Strippers!) but the dresses at Lil'Lace make me look like I got some meat on my bones, which is super true!
Oooh, I almost forgot about the necklace! It's a new release from Noodles, it's called the Mark 3. It's the Iron Man thingy (Don't kill me, I've seen the movies, I just forgot what that thingy is called >.<) It's cute, but not the normal Noodles squee cute, buuuut it's Disney, so who cares? I love it anyways. 
(I totally stole that from Nat's plurk btw, it's too cute!)
Well that's all for today folks!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Eva 08 - Pearl: Tuli Skins
Hair: Kirby w/roots - Strawberry: Truth
Dress: Sweet Stuff Mesh Dress - Pink/Blue: Lil'Lace
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands Casual: Slink
Tattoo: Kiss my Body Tatt - Hot Pink: Hollipocket
Necklace: Mark 3 - Hematite: Noodles
Ring: Tea Time Macaron Ring - Rare: Candy Nail
Nails: Pointed Nails for Slink Hands: cheLLe
Taken at the Mayfair sim!

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