Monday, May 6, 2013

Secondlife Haiku Meme

"See her there watching?
What's behind those glossy eyes?
Ever observant."

This one actually took me a while to think up. I was never good at writing Haikus, but I think this one worked out well. It's very accurate of me, even in my SL i'm super shy, and I prefer to observe my surroundings instead of interacting with them head on. I'm weird like that....
So the picture was taken at Virtual Asia, which is a really awesome place. It's bright and looks pretty rad. It looks like I imagine Tokyo would look like. It's a fun sim to explore, plus there are lots of shops there for all you shopping junkies out there :P
<3  Jasey

Skin: Hope Blonde NT Soft Body - D Tone: The Sugar Garden
Hair: Independent Women - Chardonnay: Exile
Top: Mesh Ruffle Tank - Peach: Tee*fy
Necklace: Gold Cross Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
Spoon: Ice Cream Bunny Spoon Gacha - Strawberry Cream *Rare*: Auxillary
Lipgloss: Lip Tinte - Meow T: The Sugar Garden


  1. I absolutely love your pictures, they are always so playful and the poem is just so you. Thank you! <3