Saturday, April 13, 2013

To the "Staff" at Timeless Weddings

Look, I know that you're obviously threatened by our business and it's success, I mean why else would you constantly send trolls over to our sim to annoy and harass us and our customers?
You're like the bully in the schoolyard, who keeps punching us because you're jealous of our nicer clothes. It's not our fault your momma doesn't know how to dress you!

Either you're jealous, or you like us :3
We're flattered, really, but you're not really our type...Sorry.

Now, we don't send trolls over to annoy the living hell out of you, even though we totally could, but that wouldn't be the professional thing to do, and we're all about Professionalism, which you obviously are NOT.

Yes, SL is a game, but Lindens come from REAL MONEY, which we take seriously, which means we take our Wedding Business, which generates REAL MONEY, seriously as well.

How about you start being Professional and put the energy you use for trolling into making your business a bit better.

It took us 5 years to get our business to the top, which took a lot of sacrifice, money, and HARD HONEST WORK.

I believe we're so successful because we care, both about our customers and about our business, NOT about what other businesses have on their sims, or their prices, or how they do business. We focus on our business and our business only. If you do the same, you might get a little taste of success like we have.

So, I suggest you quit sending your little griefers and start revamping your sim with ORIGINAL ideas.

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