Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My 3 SL Wishes

What would I wish for if I stumbled across an SL genie?
1. No Lag! Seriously, sometimes the lag makes me soooo mad, and usually I'm pretty chill when it comes to SL, but lag is number one on my SL hitlist.
2. That SL didn't have such a filthy reputation. I'm with Berry on this one. Only the people in my house know about my SL, and everyone except my mom and my BF gives me crap about it. I wish people knew more about the creative side of SL than the perverted side of SL.
3. Nicer people. Just because you're behind a computer screen doesn't mean that everyone's feelings disappear. It's still insulting when you're mean, just as if it were face-to-face. That's why I am so nice (Mostly!)
<3 Jasey

Skin: Hope Black NT Soft Body - D Tone: The Sugar Garden
Hair: Sierra w/roots - Fairyfloss: Truth Hair
Dress: Dafne Dress - Pistakio: Biastice @ Bees through the Seasons 2
Hands: Mesh Hands for D Tone: The Sugar Garden
Bracelet: Fairytale Bracelet: Noodles
Taken at the Skye Nieste Point Sim


  1. I think most people are mean BECAUSE they're behind a computer screen. I seriously doubt most of the jerks would behave the same way if they had to look you in the eye.

  2. Kudos to #3 and down with the meanie jerks! Thanks for participating again. <3