Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I do Believe in Fairies!

I do!
I love everything fairy. Sparkles, Fluttering Wings, Ponity Ears (Yes, I know that's Elven!)
So the dress is from Sparkle Skye Designs at Fantasy Faire, and it's rigged mesh. It also comes with flexi wings, but I prefer these wings from Lemon Tea, which I'll talk about in a moment.
The dress also comes with some Chest Flowers and a Floral Wreath to pull together the whimsical feel to the outfit.
The wings are the Aithein Wings from Lemon Tea at Fantasy Faire, and these wings are just the cutest. I don't think they're flexi, which is awesome because I secretly despise flexi wings.
The last couple things I wanted to tell you about from the Faire are the Wood Elf ears from Lemon Tea, and the Erika hair from Wasabi Pills.
First, the ears. I loooove elf ears. I'm such a sucker for them, so elf ears are already a winner in my book, but these ears look fantastic, they aren't overly exaggerated and they're amazingly easy to match to your skintone! It comes with a little HUD that has like a bazillion skin samples loaded into it, along with a manual match system, so it wont take long to get the right color.
Aaaaaand finally the hair! I love Wasabi Pills, and her contributions to the Faire are just awesome. They're simple, yet very whimsical. The RFL versions only come in Pink, Blue, and Purple, but she has her regular colors in the shop at the Faire as well. MissAllSunday Lemon has 2 new exclusive hairstyles at the Faire, and the one I'm wearing is Erika, which is a long straight hairstyle with a sideswept bang that hangs over the face, and the other one (Which I have no idea what it's called) is a curly side ponytail with a little bit of escaped hair draped along the other side of the face. It's all so pretty. I even believe that there is a male version of the Erika hair at the Faire, but don't quote me!
Here's Sparkle Skye Designs:
Here's Lemon Tea:
Here's Wasabi Pills:
<3 Jasey

Skin: Elf Pure 02 - Petal: Curio
Hair: Erika - Crystal violet: Wasabi Pills @ Fantasy Faire
Dress: Iris Fairy - Pink: Sparkle Skye Designs @ Fantasy Faire
Wings: Aithein Wings: Lemon Tea @ Fantasy Faire
Ears: Wood Elf ears: Lemon Tea @ Fantasy Faire
Eyelashes: Showgirl Lashes: Redgrave

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