Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AZE Designs and Lupoaica at Fantasy Faire

Hi everyone ^_^
First off, how great is the new Firestorm viewer? Those of you who aren't photographers probably won't notice a huge difference, but man-oh-man it is freakin' sweet for those who are. I no longer have to switch to the frustratingly slow SL viewer to take my pictures, because there are no more gridlines! Plus, the advanced lighting system is supreeeeeeme. All my images look creamy and smooth, and I am loving it!
So today I thought I would do what I am supposed to be doing and blog some of the awesome items that are available at Fantasy Faire!
The jewelry set is the Limpet set from AZE Designs, and it's perfect for a Mermaid, or a Water Fairy. I have no idea what a Limpet is, but to me it looks like some kind of seashell, So I dug down deeeeeep in my inventory for a mermaid costume. 
The hair is the Evita hair from Lupoaica and it's quite cute. Perfect for a mermaid, it has a looooong braid that reaches well past the bum, and it sort of looks like it has just come out of the water after a long swim, again, perfect for a mermaid!
AZE Designs can be found here:
Lupoaica can be found here:
I haven't yet been able to explore the sims at the Faire, but from the pictures I have seen the sims are gorgeous! And I've heard of some very festive activities are going there as well, so go explore, have fun, and spend in the name of Charity!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Zara 02 - Europa: Glam Affair
Hair: Evita Hair: Lupoaica @ Fantasy Faire
Top: Treasures of the Sea - Mermaid Tail and Pasties Set: Nuala MacMoragh (No Longer Available)
Jewelry: Limpet Jewelry Set (Tiara Included): AZE Jewlery Designs @ Fantasy Faire
Eyelashes: Vampire Lashes: Redgrave

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