Thursday, March 14, 2013

GField @ Fahion For Life & SL Beta Viewer

Okay, quick post before I go to the store of le groceries.
First, I want to talk about this amazing outfit! I got it at the GField Shop at the Fashion For Life Event. 
It is a beautiful mesh dress with such beautiful rosey detail, and a big girly bow in the back (I'll add on some pics later)
A dress that makes me feel like a princess, AND the money goes to a wonderful cause? Uuuum Yes please!
When I first joined SL, I never knew that they would have events such as Relay for Life included, or that even so many fantastic designers would participate. I'm not a Cancer survivor, but Winter (My RL mother) is an Ovarian Cancer survivor, and has been for the past 7 years. My Grandmother kicked Breast Cancer's butt, and she's been a survivor for 10 years, so it brings me so much joy that even in SL we can contribute to such a wonderful cause.
Anyways, back to the fashion! The mesh wedges are also from GField @ FFL and they are just so cute! I got them in Gray Sky, but they come with a texture HUD, so you can change the sole and the ribbon etc to further customize the shoes.
Okay, now I want to talk about the SL Beta Viewer. 
I got so fed up with the SL Gridlines in my beloved Firestorm viewer, so I decided to give the SL Beta viewer a try. It is soooo confusing. SO confusing. BUT the viewer takes amazing pictures. The pic above? All I had to do was crop it. I don't think I'll use the viewer for anything other that pictures, because everything runs so furiously slow for me, but I like having it around for line-free pics ^_^
<3 Jasey

Skin: Sadie Infinity Hybrid Avatar (Alabaster): LOGO
Hair: Jade (Swedish): Truth
Dress: Taylor mesh dress (Blue/Lavender): GField @ Fashion for Life
Shoes: Adele mesh wedges (Gray Sky): GField @ Fashion for Life
Tiara: Tangles Tiara (Gold/Amethyst): Noodles

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