Thursday, March 14, 2013

Essences: Clover Review

Who's Excited for Skin Fair?
Here is my last Preview before the fair opens up tomorrow :)
This is the Clover skin by Essences, which is another favorite of mine.
Just in time for Saint Patty's Day!
The skin comes in 8 different skintones, 5 different make up options, with 4 eyebrow options per skin. The one I'm wearing is Pale Rose 05 with the Tango Appliers of course ^_^
Each skin comes with different contour blushes and cleavage enhancers as well, so there's lots of variety with this skin!
The detail on this skin is spot on, the lighting on the skin makes it so very simple to get beautiful pictures, so you can make this skin look like it has the full photoshop treatment, without photoshop!
I love how Essences has a "Signature" look. You put it on and instantly know where it's from. The best way I can describe it is as "Urban-chic meets girl-next-door", if that makes sense!
The lip textures on the skin have it's own little pout, which is good for me, because I am terrible at making pouty lips in PS! Also available for purchase with the skins are tattoo lashes, eyebrow erasers, and eyeshadows that go along with the skin. They are sold separately, but worth it!
So there you have it. Be sure to stop by Skin Fair tomorrow and take a look at all the beautiful skins the designers have to offer!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Clover 05 (Pale Rose): Essences @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair: Plenty 02: Magika
Lingerie: Zoey Patty Green w/Tango Appliers: Blacklace
Shoes: Marijen Wedges w/Socks (Moss): Maubray
Tattoos: Triple My Luck: YaYo

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