Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aye Girl, What's Yo Sign?

Aries is my sign, which is also the theme for this round of Zodiac, brought to us by the Hottie Cooterati Experience!
 I had actually got my days mixed up yesterday, and stood outside of the ban-lines that protected the Zodiac building for like 2 hours, wondering why it was so late >.<
Major blonde moment right there!
There are lots of awesome things this round, my favorite is the Adore&Abhor Sheepie gacha. I was lucky enough to get the Diamond Rare on like the third try, so yay me :D
They're just so darn cute.
At the event you'll find lots of Aries themed items, so if you're an Aries like me, go buy EVERYTHING!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Sadie Infinity Hybrid Avatar (Alabaster): LOGO
Hair: Rumor (Blonde 05) Elikatira
Dress: Summer Sun Dress (Twilight): Auxillary @ Past TDR
Earrings: Ram Horns Earrings (Pink/Teal): Noodles @ Zodiac
Necklace (Barely Pictured): Aries Necklace Long 1 (Silver): Maxi Gossamer @ Zodiac
Sheep: Sheepie Gacha (Diamond Rare): Adore&Abhor @ Zodiac
Pose: Call the Shots: Exposeur @ Zodiac

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