Thursday, February 21, 2013

My (Real) Renewal Look

At around Christmas time last year, I posted some pictures of my "Renewal Look", but it wasn't a real Vow Renewal, it was just a photoshoot, because Giovanni isn't one for SL weddings (Or SL much anymore, boohoo)

But, as I mentioned on my last post, due to us not being able to get married in RL, even though we really want to, this is our way of having a wedding.

So, without further adieu, here is my Vow Renewal Look

I'm in love with the Lens Flare option in Photoshop...Sometimes I use it too much, but I can't help myself!
Anywho, I really wanted to feel like a Princess, but I didn't want to wear a Princess gown, or a white one for that matter. So the gown I found, which is from Utopia, Fit my Whimsical style perfectly. The Tiara is a Gacha from Noodles, which I loooove. I've probably spent a bazillion L's at that one Gacha machine...I really want the Tangled one! But After so many tries, I settled with the Be our Guest tiara with a Citrine, which is Mine and Giovanni's RL son's birthstone, so it all worked out :)

Is my Tiara on straight?
LOL I love the expressions that comes with Sadie! 
Also going for a Whimsical feel, I decided to go with Mesh Elven ears, I was really hoping that the Sadie avie would come with an Elf ears option, but it didn't :(
So these were the next best things, I didn't even have to tint them, they came out of the box in my shade, which was lucky for me, because I'm not that great at skin matching on faces.
I'm so excited to do a proper Renewal with Gio. I'm shooting for a Wedding on the first day of Spring, which is March 20th this year, and I plan on posting an SLURL so you all can come join in the festivities, and meet me! Winter may not be too happy, but ooooh well!

<3 Jasey

Skin: Sadie Infinity Hybrid Avatar (Alabaster): LOGO
Hair: Waiting for Tonight (Marone): Exile
Dress: Ester (Powder Pink): Utopia
Tiara: Be our Guest (Silver and Citrine): Noodles
Ears: Simple Mesh Elf Ears: LovelyAlien
Earrings: Gemstone Heart Set (Silver): Paper Couture
Ring: Everlasting Love (Platinum): Earthstones
Tattoo: Custom by B*fly tattoos

Location: Ever After Weddings
p.s: If you want to see my Wedding Venue (Which will be available for bookings after March 20th), just shoot me an IM and I will give you a tour :)

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