Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yay ^_^

Well, Giovanni finally agreed to a real Vow Renewal (Not just a Photoshoot like last time).

I've been pestering him every year since we got married, and he always agreed, to a Renewal photoshoot.

But, since my RL issues are preventing me from marrying him in RL, we're gonna go all out for this one!

I might just send out the SLURL here, so all you readers (I check my blog stats, I know you exist!) can attend the Beautiful Event that Winter is putting together for me.

Seriously guys, it's gorgeous. I wont post pictures just yet, but for anyone who knows me, once you see it you will know it's totally Me.

I will however post pictures of my dress, later.

But I wont leave you without any Eye Candy. 
This morning I took Winter and Noble's Engagement photo, and it's so pretty!

Congratulations to Winter and Noble :)

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