Thursday, February 21, 2013

Garden Bridal Look for under 500L's

I'm still in such a Wedding-y mood, so I decided I would put together a complete look for a Garden Bride all for under 500L's.

I believe that any Bride can look beautiful on her Wedding day no matter what her budget is. No one should ever have to compromise on their big day, just because they can't spend a fortune on their Avies.

So here is a look for a Garden wedding totaling in at under 500L's

For me, a Garden wedding calls for a long, flowy gown, with not a lot of frills or bling. A clean, simple look.
The gown is from Kyoot, and it's only 150L's. It's perfect for the non-fussy bride. This gown would also look beautiful in a beach setting. The skin is an Al Vulo! Group gift. I'm not sure if it's still available, but all of Al Vulo's skins look wonderful on almost any shape, and theres always a beautiful gift sitting outside the mainstore, plus it's free to join the group! The skin I'm wearing is my favorite from Al Vulo, it's called the Eleonor Son of Flowers, and it's just gorgeous. Splashed with freckles all over, it screams natural.
The hair is the 25000 member gift from D!va, and all you have to do is join the group to get it, which is free. There are a lot of pretty GG's to pick up at D!va, I recommend you join that so you can get all kinds of goodies. The beautiful necklace is from Yummy accessories (I love that store!), and it was only 150 L's. A note about wedding jewelry, no jewelry is better than poor quality jewelry. So if you really can't afford high quality, and you can't snag any group gifts, then just go without. Usually you can find some pretty nice baubles for rather cheap by just exploring, or through fashion blogs. 
Anywho, back on track. The floral crown is from Wishbox, and it was only 120 L's, which I think is a steal, because it really is beautiful. My picture doesnt do it justice. 
The little butterfly on the crown is a Group gift from Qbee (Or Queenbee, not really sure what it's called). There are a lot of pretty gifts there, so I suggest you also join their group (It's free!). 
Notice how I didn't show any shoes? Wedding shoes really aren't necessary if you're doing something simple like a garden or beach wedding. You can purchase prim feet if you want, but they can be a bit expensive, and honestly, as a Wedding Photographer, the photog isn't going to get a lot (if any) pictures of your feet, so if you can't justify the expense, go without, but if you really want some nice shoes, join the Maitreya group (I think it's still free) and click on the GG sign by the TP board at the mainstore, you'll get some rather nice heels in a plethora of colors. They aren't 2.0 shoes, but they're the nicest free non viewer 2 shoes I can find on the grid.

Here are the total prices for everything pictured:
Skin: Eleonor Son of Flowers GG: Al Vulo! - 0L's
Dress: Pretty White Dress: Kyoot - 150L's
Hair: Marie (Type B) GG: D!va - 0L's
Necklace: Floral Keepsake Necklace: Yummy - 150L's
Crown: Rose Crown (White): Wishbox - 120L's
Butterfly: Peachy Papillon GG: Qbee - 0L's
Total: 420L's
A pretty look for any bride on any budget!

I hope I could help :)

<3 Jasey
p.s. Pics were taken at the gorgeous Izzie's Mainstore!

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