Saturday, June 20, 2015

Salt Water Waves

Hello again! 
So, I came back from my SL break, to see that Logo had released a beautiful mesh head in my absence.
This beauty is called Alex, and she is jam packed with some amazing things. 
***Just as a warning*** This is post is very in-depth. I'll be showing pretty much every option this head comes with, so be prepared for a lot of photos and info. If you're not into that kind of thing, I'll post a TL;DR before the giant wall of review.***

So, TL;DR: This new head comes with the standard defaults for Eye makeup, blushes, and lipsticks. The newly added features include some amazing new expressions, and the option to add a new face set - freckles. All of the makeup options - including the optional add-ons, will include a freckle option, should you choose to use it. The freckles however, are an add-on sold separately. 
The head and included makeups is 2,500L's, not a bad price considering all it comes with. The optional add-ons range from 99L to 499L. The head does come with a base skin, but doesn't come with any appliers. Appliers are sold separately.
One of the best features of the new head, is all of the new expressions. While all Logo heads come with expressions, Alex has the most variety.
(These are the default expressions - click to enlarge)
(These are the add-on expressions - click to enlarge)
Another great feature about these expressions is that you can mix and match - meaning you can have the eyes from one expression, and the mouth from another. This adds a great variety to what you can do with this head.
(These are the default eye makeups - click to enlarge)
(These are the add-on eye makeups - click to enlarge)
There are so many makeup options to choose from, even without purchasing the add-ons. Ranging from simple to dramatic, there is something for every occasion you can think of.
These are just the eye makeups. Wait until you see how many lipstick options there are.
(These are the default lipstick options - click to enlarge)
(These are the add-on lipstick options - click to enlarge)
Sooo many options. 
On top of all these choices, there are extra nose, cheek, and eye options to really customize the look of your avatar.
Logo's Alex is in the same ballpark price-wise as most other popular mesh heads in the market. However, these aren't third-party accessible like heads such as Slink Visage, or the Lelutka mesh head, so that is something to consider if you're looking for a new mesh head. 
All-in-all I really like this head. I wish that the appliers for other mesh body parts weren't so expensive, since they aren't included in the 2,500L mesh head purchase (I paid nearly 500L's for just the Physique applier). But the face is fantastic, and the facial expressions are perfectly adorable.

<3 Jasey

Skin/Head: Alex Hybrid Mesh Head - Alabaster: Logo
Hair: Pick Up Lines: Exile
Kristen: Elikatira
Necklace: Fruit Necklace - Cherry: Yummy Accessories
Jewelry: Shoreline Jewelry Set: Cae
Top: Arlett Tee - Pineapple: Tres Blah @ Collabor88

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