Monday, November 4, 2013

Avatar Lookalike Challenge

Happy Monday! 
Blergh just kidding, like the lovable Garfield, I really hate Mondays. One of the monday pick-me-ups that help alleviate the "Mondays" is seeing Berry's Monday Memes, and seeing everyone's responses to them!
This week's meme is the Avatar Lookalike Challenge, and you have to see which RL celebrity your avatar looks like! Some people on plurk have been using a Celebrity lookalike generator site to get their results, and some have been pretty hilarious, Including mine.
I really don't think I look like the celebrities the generator suggested (Ben Kingsley? Really?!)
I personally think I look a little bit like Emma Watson. (Hey, a virtual girl can dream, right?)
<3 Jasey

Face: Pussy - 09: The Shops
Body: Isla - Pale: League
Hair: Tallulah - Essentials: Elikatira
Necklace & Earrings: Merriweather Diamond Set: Paper Couture
Ears: Unisex Simple Ears: Mandala
Lipstick: Muse - Lush: The Shops