Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Badger who knew no fear

I hope the Harry Potter theme is playing in your heads today, because it certainly is in mine! Today starts the Wizarding Faire, brought on by a bunch of lovely designers and the masterminds behind Mischief Managed, probably the largest Harry Potter roleplay group in SL.
There are plenty of HP themed goodies at the faire to be had, and every thing is amazing.
Today I thought I would show my house spirit with the hand pennants from Floorplan. They have an option for every house so no one is left out :) There are also wall pennants, and some posters to show your team spirit! 
My character at MM is a bit mousey, and allways in her books, so I was pretty psyched when I saw that Okkbye had made some gacha books that look really cute, and have their own poses in them!
Oh, and look at that newt! (Sorry, geeking out a little bit here, bear with me!) the newt is Silentsparrow's contribution to the magical world of wizardry. There are tons of attachment points and versions, including a giant huggable newt. Sadly, MM rules don't allow newts, but hopefully they'll change their minds once they see how cute they are (Especially the happy version, OMG).
Last but certainly not least, Hopscotch released some Harry Potter Slink nails at Diagon Alley, and of course there is a version for each house, and one set with random HP world things, like the Quidditch rings and the Deathly Hallows symbol. Now I can finally go total Hufflepuff all the time.
Kay, gotta get back to geeking and see what else is at the faire.
It opens up today at Noon SLT! So, don't make any plans for the day :P
Here's the SLurl for the Wizarding Faire (It opens at NOON slt today!)
<3 Jasey

Skin & Makeup: Harley - Ivory: Pink Fuel
Hair: Reflect: Magika
Top: Wizarding sweater w/shirt - Light Grey: Peqe @ Wizarding Faire
Bottom: Pencil skirt - Black: Peqe
Shoes: Lovegood heels (for Slink) - Black: Fri. @ Wizarding Faire
Socks: Ruffle socks (for Slink) - White: Stellar
Glasses: Hipster Peepers - Tortoise: Miel
Books: Wizard books gacha - Four Houses (Rare), The Mouse Who Knew No Fear: Okkbye @ Wizarding Faire
Newt: Newts! - Curled 1 Purple: Silentsparrow @ Wizarding Faire
Flag: Handheld pennant: Floorplan @ Wizarding Faire
Nails: House of the Badger nails: Hopscotch @ Wizarding Faire
Hands & Feet: Slink
Pose: Glitterati (Closed in-world)

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