Friday, September 6, 2013

I really only joined Hufflepuff house because it sorta sounds like a baby owl...

Hello everyone :)
It's been foreeeever since I've blogged, and I'd like to say I have a great excuse, buuut I don't.
Honestly, I've been having too much fun at the Mischief Managed sim.
But, now that the "Newness" of it all has worn off, I will have much more time to blog, and you will be seeing more of me!
Anyways, today I wandered over to the Dream Garden, which has a new round that started not too long ago. It's mostly a sales event for Children avatars, but there is usually a store there selling something not exclusively for a child avie. This month's non-exclusive item is (Along with some super cute wall hangings) a baby owl from MishMish!
An overload of cute is coming from MishMish lately, with the baby owl and the super adorbs Chipmunks at the Arcade I just can't.
The owl also comes with a really cute book (Proper Care for Owls) that includes a pose.
This is perfect for any Hogwarts fan, Owl lover, or EVERYONE. This thing is seriously cute.
'Till next time!
<3 Jasey

Skin & Makeup: Harley - Ivory: Pink Fuel
Hair: Where we belong: Exile at Fameshed
Top: Jenny Cardigan and tie only - Grey: FATEplay
Bottoms: Bloomsbury trousers - Grey: Mon Tissu
Wand: Tendrils wand: Schadenfreude
Owl & Book: Tawny Owl: MishMish at the Dream Garden
Backpack: Carry Me Backiepack - The Huff: .Olive. at the Arcade
Badge: Hufflepuff Level System badge: Mischief Managed
Hands: Slink

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