Sunday, September 8, 2013

All of a sudden, BAM. Autumn hits.

Hey everyone :D

It feels as if Autumn has appeared overnight, at least for me anyways. One day it was 90 degrees outside, and then the next 75. So odd. I'm certainly not complaining though!
So the top I'm wearing is from Lil'lace at the Silicone event, which is a bi-weekly sales event for all things boobies! We can never have too many booby events ^_^
The top is really cute. It's "This Summer" which was a previous release a few weeks back, but in 3 camo prints (Normal, Pink, and Coral, and Tan)
It's a good choice for those like me who are stuck in the "in-between" seasons of Fall and Summer. I call it Fasummtner. It's a new thing now!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Alice 05 - Champagne: The Skinnery at the Arcade
Hair: Where we belong: Exile at FaMESHed
Top: This Summer - Pink Camo: Lil'Lace at Silicone
Bottom: Mesh jeans - Blue tattoo: *Crazy*
Hands: Slink

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