Sunday, September 29, 2013

I came in like a wrecking ball

Hai :D
So, if you haven't been living under a rock these past few weeks, you'll know about the new mesh bottom-half called the Phat Azz. Lots of people love it, and just like the Lolas lots of people hate it too, which is pretty funny, because it's just a virtual bum. I could see hating it if it had like machine guns and anti-gay stickers all over it, but whatevs.
I for one, am in a love/like relationship with it. I love love love the legs, and the view from the front and the straight-on back view. But from the side, it's a but too much junk in the trunk for my petite avie.
There is a way to make the butt less protruding, if you look at Xaqueline Seda's photo here, but it doesn't really work when you want to keep your avatar smaller. Hopefully will release a more smaller framed-friendly version.
Another really awesome release is the new Lolas Mirage mesh boobs, and they're amazing, at least to me.
They aren't as pointy as the Tango counterpart, and you can wear them at a natural size without looking really weird. They don't look that fantastic nude, but I don't have a reason to be topless anyways! Oh, and the menu now has the option to wear a bra layer and top layer at the same time (No need to add extra scripts anymore) and a bounce option.
The only bad thing about them that I can see is how far the top layer floats away from the actual boobs. Straight on, you don't notice it, but when you turn to the side, it's really noticeable.

EDIT: I've also noticed that the clothing layers for the Lolas Mirage breasts are mesh, so if you or anyone else has typical mesh loading issues (All the stinking time) you're breasts will be fully exposed! It usually doesn't fix itself unless you or the person having mesh issues relogs, but other people won't think that maybe they're just having mesh problems and instead think you're some weird titty-exposed flasher or something...

<3 Jasey

Skin: Alice 03 - Champagne: The Skinnery @ The Arcade (Closes Oct.1st!)
Hair: Tamora - Hud2: Chemistry
Lingerie: Allegoria Collection Vintage Lingerie - White: MoDanna @ The Boobies Show
Bottom: Phat Azz: L.Inc
Boobs: Lolas Mirage: Lolas
Hands: Slink
Nails: Mad Man's Fingernails: Hopscotch

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