Thursday, July 18, 2013

All of Time and Space

Hey guys, long time no blog ^_^
So you may have heard something about the Hello Titty Slots, brought to you by The Big Boobie Babes group, which is a monthly gacha event featuring Boob-friendly items (Love it or hate it, it's happening).
Patchwork Heart has a super amazing dress there called the Gallifreyan dress and there are lots and lots of options to win, featuring all 11 Doctors, and several colored Dalek prints and of course the Tardis. Each one comes with a plethora appliers, so no matter what kind of boob you wear, you can wear this dress...Even if you don't wear boobs, you can wear this dress!
The dress itself is Mesh and comes in all the standard sizes.
The event opens on July 20th!
<3 Jasey

Skin (Face): "Pussy" Tone 9: The Shops
(Body): Isla Pale: League
Hair: Bliss 01: Magika
Live Every Moment: Exile
Dresses: Gallifreyan Dress Gacha (10th Doctor & Tardis): Patchwork Heart @ Hello Titty Slots (Not Open until July 20th!)
Tights: Time Traveler Stockings: "Jim"
Glasses: Minimalist Glasses: *BOOM*
Shoes: Pornstars Hi-Tops: UBU
Hands: SLink
Police Box: floorplan.

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