Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wedding Lingerie looks for Lolas Tango Boobies

Hi everyone :D
So yesterday I had the bright idea to create some Wedding Day and Wedding Night looks for the busty ladies! Buuut I was super smart and edited the lingerie looks first, so I will work on the Wedding Day looks in a bit and post it to the blog.
When I first got my Tangos, I yearned for pretty gowns, more specifically Wedding gowns, but everyone was still reveling in the sexy, so I put my boobies to rest for a while, until now!
Well, until a week ago, but still!
Surprisingly enough, it's still hard to find Classy lingerie for tangos. Why are ladies with big boobies immediately marketed as slutty?
Well there you have it, my 2 favorite lingerie sets for Tangos, which are also great Wedding Night looks!
Hopefully I could help some of you bustier Brides out, and I promise I'll be posting the Wedding Day looks soon!
<3 Jasey

*Picture 1*
Skin: Lana (Fair): Glance Skins
Hair: Alicia (Golden): Wasabi Pills
Lingerie: Raissa Lingerie (includes Collar) (White): Butterfly Effect Designs
Jewelry: Women's Day Gift from PurpleMoon Creatons
Wedding Ring: Earthstones
Makeup: Lana Makeup Add ons: Glance Skins
Freckles: Harlow Skin Freckles: Izzie's
*Picture 2*
Skin: Same as Pic 1
Hair: Now 01: Magika
Lingerie: Tender Caress (White): Blacklace
Jewelry: Same as Pic 1

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