Monday, April 8, 2013

Lil'Lace - In Time

So since I am an official Lil'Lace blogger and all, I thought I was about due to take some piccys with Lil'Lace stuff. I've actually had a bunch of items from Lil'Lace in my inventory with the intent to blog them for quite some time, but I have the attention span of a squirrel >.<
So here is the In Time shirt from Lil'Lace. This was originally a Whore Couture exclusive, but now it has been moved into her shop ^_^
The shirt also comes with a high-waisted black skirt that looks really nice with the top, but I felt more casual, so I paired it with the Flip Jeans in blue that are also at Lil'Lace, and of course I'm wearing mah Tango boobies. I love that Lil'Lace makes tons of cute clothing items with Appliers, because I am so over dressing like a whore because I want to wear booooobs. 
Soo, back to the top. There are some colors to choose from, such as pink, blue, green and black.
There is a shiny texture on the boobs, because it's meant to look like an athletic shirt.
So now I can look like a sultry, busty sportswoman. Can you imagine playing soccer with them puppies? So many black-eyes!
Thank you Promise for making such a cute outfit!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Lana Black Brows (Pale): Glance Skins
Hair: Megumi (Lemon Tea): Wasabi Pills
Top: In Time (Blue): Lil'Lace
Bottoms: Flip Jeans (Blue): Lil'Lace
Tattoos: Holli Pocket and Letis
Makeups: Lana Makeup Add Ons: Glance Skins
Freckles: Essences

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