Monday, April 8, 2013

10 SL Firsts Meme

It's meme time again ^_^ I really love doing these, and reading everyone else's. It's interesting seeing someone else's point of view on things, or what they were doing when they were noobies, like this week!
So here goes ^_^
1. First SL Friend: Other than Winter Tenenbaum, my very first SL friend was a man named Mac Anthony, he was my partner on the CSI sim, and we were inseparable while solving crimes together. After Lorrie was hacked and I had to make Jasey we haven't spoken, plus the CSI sim is gone >.<
2. First SL Kiss: My husband/male alt Giovanni Katana, who is also my BF/Baby Daddy in RL. Since he moved in with me he doesn't get on SL anymore, but we had some fun times!
3. First SLex: N/A, I don't do pixel secks
4. First SL Partner: Giovanni Katana
5. First SL Job: Well, I was an investigator on the CSI sim, but my first paying SL job was (and still is) a Wedding Photographer
6. First SL Creation: Oh man, I've made lots of stupid little things over the years, but my very first creation that wasn't from a builder's kit was a prim Marriage Certificate
7. First encounter with a Linden: Oh I remember this one! Well, I don't remember his name, but we had a Linden come check out our sim when we were Intertwined Weddings because a certain other Wedding Planner had her (now ex) boyfriend place a very annoying script jammer prim on our sim and we couldn't find it.
8. First encounter with an SLebrity: Hmmm. Oh when I was hunting around the grid I was at the Ladies Who Lunch shop and saw Faint Paulse, but was too chicken shit to say anything LOL
9. First SL sim you fell in love with: Definitely the Tableau sim. It still makes my heart happy whenever I visit!
10. First Blog Post: My announcement that Winter and I were back in SL in November:

Keep these Memes coming, Berry. I love them!
Kay, there are my firsts, stalk away, because I am most likely stalking your meme too!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Lana Brown Brows w/Tango Appliers (Pale): Glance Skins
Hair: Megumi (Lemon Tea): Wasabi Pills
Top: Mini Shirt Bish (Rose): Gawk @ Big Boobies Show
Bottoms: Belted Bells (Vintage): Auxillary
Necklace: Titania's Filligre Heart Gold1: Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88
Ears and Spoon: Gachas @ Auxillary
Makeup: Lana Add Ons: Glance Skins
Glasses: Minimalist Glasses (Candy): BOOM @ Collabor88
Tattoo: B*FLY
Freckles: Essences
Pose: Veena Fredishay: Exposeur @ Pose Fair 2013

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  1. Faint is such a sweetheart, I've known her forever. Thanks for playing again! <3