Sunday, April 7, 2013

Geeky Bewbies

So I've been at the Bewbapalooza fair quite frequently for the couple of days it's been open. Mostly because  of the Gachas that Patchwork Heart has there. They're just the dorkiest, geekiest, cutest things ever, and they come with Appliers for pretty much every type of prim/mesh boobie available on the grid.
There are bodysuits that look like Gameboy Colors (ah good times!), Star Wars Characters, and Rainbow Bright Cuties! (The one I'm wearing above is Shy Violet from Rainbow Bright)
I also wanted to do a cute picture to show off my new skin! 
I'm such a skin junkie, I searched and searched for a nice skin that was different from my other ones, I started with the skins that have appliers for the new SLink avatar enhancement system, but none of those sparked my interest (Although Tuli's Helena skin almost won my heart!)
But then I came across Glance skins. And after almost a day and a half of pondering, I bought the Lana skin, and everything that came along with her! She comes with  Eyebrow options (Red, Blonde, Brown, Black and No-Eyebrows) and 3 Cleavage options. You can also buy a lipstick pack,which comes with an insane amount of colors in both Matte and Glossy, and an Eyeshadow pack, which also comes with a lot of colors. Oh and of course, you can buy Lolas Tango Appliers separately for a lot less than other stores charge.
'Aint she a beauty? She's so unique and, well, smokin'!
Welp, that's all I got for you for now!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Lana Black Brows (Pale) w/Tango Appliers: Glance Skins
Hair: American Woman (Marone): Exile
Bodysuit: Rainbow Bright Shy Violet Bodysuit: Patchwork Heart @ Bewbapalooza
Collar: Posture Collar No.02: (red)Mint
Bow: Briar Bow (Usagi): Remarkable Oblivion
Tattoo: Rosey Posey Tattoo (Black) w/Tango Applier: Holli Pocket @ Bewbapalooza
Makeup: Lana Makeups: Glance Skins
EDIT: Forgot my Freckles, which are from Essences

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