Monday, March 4, 2013

Take me to the Arcade!

Where the air smells of popcorn and Linden coins. The sound of machines whirring and Children (And adults alike) Laughing over boobie prizes and squealing over rares rings in your ears. The building reeks of excitement, desperation, and sometimes dissapointment, but it's all so addicting and enticing.

So for the first time ever I used a projector in my photos, and it is perfect! As you can see in the raw shot, it's the Searchlight gacha from Trompe Loeil at the Arcade.
Now for what I'm wearing ^_^
The shirt and pants aren't at the Arcade, but they're from the Secret Store, who has a gacha machine there. 
The hair is from Truth at the Arcade and it's called Video Games, and it's my new favorite hair. I had to trade to get it in pink (I think everyone in the trading group is sick of me asking for pink things! lol), getting off track, you really should join the Arcade Trading Group, it's wonderful! It has saved me soooo much money, instead of playing the machines over and over again to get what I want, I can just trade for it.
Back on track! The Antlers are from Half Deer, and they come in so many cute designs. The one I'm wearing is called circus, and it has cute little bunting from the antlers, and whimsical designs patched all over them. 
The purse is from Miamai, and it has a cute little panda on it! I'm not a fan of wearing purses, but all of the bags at the Arcade are so freakin' cute, I became a purse lover in SL.

This was also taken with the projector from Trompe Loeil :)
This outfit made me smile when I put it together. The skirt is so flouncy and cute, and the skates add that childish feel to it, and don't even get me started about the cloak I'm wearing! It's all an overdose of cute, yet sassy ;)
Everything in this picture except the hair and the tank-top are from the Arcade.

<3 Jasey

Skin: Sadie Infinity Hybrid Avatar (Alabaster): LOGO
Hair: Video Games w/orchids attatched (Pink): Truth @ The Arcade
Shirt: 3D Rose Sweater (Mint): The Secret Store
Pants: High Rise Skinny Jeans (Light Blue): The Secret Store
Antlers: Etermum Antlers (Circus): +Half-Deer+ 
Purse: TCS_Handbag_Panda Red: Miamai
Bracelet (Left Hand): Logo Bangle (Princess): FANATIK
Bracelets (Right Hand): Fairy Tale Charm Bracelets (Silver + Gold): Noodles @ The Arcade
Necklace: Bitch Necklace (Blue and Gold): Noodles @ Whore Couture 2

Hair: Claire (Gingerbread): Wasabi Pills
Cloak: i do Cloak (Pink/Leopard): BCC @ The Arcade
Tank: Ah Bella Tank (Black): Artilleri
Skirt: Lorette (Mesh) Skirt: (Noir): The Sea Hole @ The Arcade
Skates: Vintage Roller Skates (Gold): The Secret Store @ The Arcade

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