Monday, March 11, 2013

My 7 SL Facts Meme

After reading Strawberry Singh's 7 SL Facts blog post I decided to make my own, since I too love memes. I constantly blog them along with my pictures to describe an emotion, or situation I was in. So here goes...Don't judge too harshly!
Seven facts that you may not know about my SL
1. Jasey is not my original SL account: I had first acquired a second life avie from one of my mother's friends who didn't want it anymore. I was originally Lorrie Jameson. I had to make another account after mine was maliciously hacked by someone who I thought was a friend, and L's were stolen. That was a rough couple of days for me >.< 
2. I only joined SL for CSI: Back in '09 I was a serious CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) fan. After seeing the episode that featured SecondLife, I had joined. Unfortunately I was a couple weeks too late, and the CSI sim had closed down.
3. In my earlier years in SL, I was into the Child Avie Adoption craze: At the time, I was told in RL I wouldn't be able to have kids, so I coped by adopting a few in SL I'm sooo over that now, and I have a toddler in RL, so I don't need more to deal with in SL XD
4. I'm a loner in SL: I seriously don't talk to anyone in SL, except for my mother, and my Wedding Clients. Other than that I don't talk to anyone on a regular basis., I'm always afraid that I'll be perceived as being annoying to anyone, so I have mini-panic attacks when I IM people, especially Strangers
5. I believe that everyone in SL is genuinely good-natured: Unless they are outright mean to myself or my mother, I tend to trust that people are naturally good. It's gotten me into a heap of trouble in SL.
6. I have a serious shopping addiction in SL: I don't even have to explain this one >.<
7. I have contemplated being a Stripper/Escort in SL: To feed my shopping addiction!

Well there you have it! 7 Things you may not know about the great JaseyRae. Don't judge meeee!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Lyala (Porcelain) w/Tango Appliers: Al Vulo!
Hair: Plenty 02: Magika
Dress: Poison (Ivory Golden) w/Tango Appliers: Son!a
Necklace: I love you Necklace (Gold): Maxi Gossamer
Ring: Everlasting Love Bridal Ring: Earthstones
Breats: Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts

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  1. I am with you on the shopping addiction! Thanks for participating. <3