Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm in a Tableau State of Mind

One of the first stores I discovered on SL was Nylon Outfitters. Back then, no one I knew had heard of them, so I felt super hip wearing the clothes, and when people would ask where I got my cute dress, I'd go "Oh, you wouldn't know them...." and run away.
But now, Nylon Outfitters, and Tableau have become a household name, and I love it!

The sim is just a blast to explore (Stay away from any Strange Cacti you find though, or you'll be "Following the Wolf" If you know what I'm sayin...)

Anywho, I was leisurely strolling through the shops, when I noticed the Sea Hole had a shop there. That's where I found this ^_^
The dress! I love it so much, it satisfied my punky mood quite nicely. If you haven't noticed, it has Godzilla on it! I love it :)
If you haven't visited Tableau yet, or in a really long time, you should check it out. There are amazing shops there, and the sim is just amazingly decorated. It's like a post-apocolyptic desert/circus? I dunno, but it's very entertaining!

<3 Jasey

Sadie Infinity Hybrid Avatar (Alabaster): LOGO
Hair: Sweet Pea (My Little Pony): Lamb
Dress: Zilla Dress (Blushy): The Sea Hole
Tights: Pistol Tights: Q
Tattoo: Custom: B*Fly Tattoos
Necklace: Forever Loved Set: *DCD*
Bracelet: Arrow Bracelet (Silver): Noodles
Facial Piercings: Sugar Heart

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