Tuesday, December 18, 2012

PurpleMoon Creations Review

Hello, Hello!

This is my first ever review on a bridal/formalwear store, and let me tell you, it was so much fun! I love love LOVE trying on dresses, especially for bridal dresses. 

Today I bring you a review of 2 gowns from PurpleMoon, the Mystery gown and the Edelweiss gown.

First things first...The gowns at PM are amazing! They are near Son!a quality, but almost half the price of a lovely son!a gown, BUT, PM really lacks when it comes to customer service.
My dear Winter was at a friend's wedding, and fell in love with the Bride's gown, she told her that the gown was called Cao, from PurpleMoon. The gown wasn't out yet, but contacting the creator got her the gown before the big release. So, Winter tried the same thing. Three notecards later we still didn't have a reply. The least the creator could have done was tell us to be patient, and we would've been fine with it, but not even an acknowledgement came from the designer. So we just got over it, but Winter also wanted the headpiece in our friend's ensemble, so we tried finding that, with no luck. We contacted a store associate/model and asked where it was from, and actually got an answer AND a landmark! We were ecstatic, but after searching the store, we didn't find the headpiece, and were told it just wasn't available anymore. We were so bummed, but at least we got a little help.

The gowns at PM are still worth the price, and still beautiful, but don't expect much help if you need it. 

So, without further adieu, here are the gowns!

Gorgeous! The Mystery dress is a champagne color, with a delicate white lace overlay. The sleeves are made of feathers, and in SL, feathered garments that look good aren't easy to come by. This dress is a trumpet gown which accentuates the curves in the right areas, which is perfect for the curvier gals, but still pretty on the more petite honeys. Walking around in the gown isn't an issue either, the trumpet part fans out far enough where you wont see your feet while walking down the aisle to meet your nervous sweetheart, and this gown is first dance glitch approved! It just might glitch a little during the more upbeat salsas, but it's SL, nothing is perfect. It does pretty amazingly for something that isn't mesh.

Look at the gorgeous detail. The top of the dress works well with bustier gals, and with the really busty girls, the sleeves mask the bloaty texture very well. 

Pair this lovely with a feather birdcage veil (from Lurve) and a lace choker in a warm chocolately color and you'll be good to go!

I'd stay away from beach weddings with this gown, as it doesn't fit the theme very well.

Plus, this puppy was only L$650! How great is that?!

And for the more Couture bride, meet the Edelweiss gown. The great thing about PM is that it caters to the more simple bride with its vintage lace gowns, and modern satin mermaids, to the grand ballroom gowns that would satisfy any couture bride. This gown has sleek and sharp lines that capture anyone's attention, and lighting detail that make any picture spectacular. It's a couture gown, so expect it to be much bigger than a normal gown would be.

The gown just captures any light thrown at it and works it well!
This gown would be perfect for a Winter wedding, but the headpiece can be removed and worn during a Castle, Ballroom, or Garden wedding. 
This gown is a bit too much for a simple church wedding, and it may or may not be beach-approved.

At only L$525 this gown is a steal!

So overall, PurpleMoon gets a 7 out of 10 for their beautiful gowns and low prices, but has poor customer service.

I think I'm gonna keep doing bridal reviews. Next week i'm thinking the Prada of SL Wedding gowns, that's right, I'm talking Son!a.


-JaseyRae Petrovic

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