Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drunk in Love: A review of Belleza's Venus Mesh body

***Warning, lots of Boobs, Vaginas and Info coming up!***

Belleza - finally - released their long awaited mesh body.
All hail Venus!
Anyways, this body, in my opinion, is the best one yet. It's exquisitely shaped, and...It's Slink compatible!
The body comes with a Slink fit option, but it also comes with it's own set of mesh hands and mesh feet. 
And when I say it comes with its own set of mesh hands...I mean it comes with it's own mesh hand army.
(So Sorry for the loooong wall of photos!)
16 hand poses in all, and they're interchangeable, you can wear a different pose on the left and right hands, and best of all, they're all controllable through the Venus HUD. No more digging through your inventory finding hand poses.
Now, for some HUDdage
We'll start with the alpha HUD. It's a lot more detailed than the Wowmeh HUD, and probably even the Physique HUD, but only slightly. I don't mess with the Mesh Project's alpha HUD, so I'm not sure how well that one works.
The sole purpose of the alpha HUD is to make mesh outfits wearable again. They're not foolproof though, so certain outfits can't be worn with the mesh body. Demo, demo demo when it comes to mesh clothing.
Here we have the Breast HUD, Skin HUD, Hand, and Foot HUD - In that order -.
In the breast HUD, you can switch from natural cleavage to Push up cleavage, and change your nipple color, the skin HUD allows you to change your skin tone to match any of Belleza's skins, but there are also skin presets so you can match to non-Belleza skins, and there are empty slots for third party appliers. You can also switch tattoos, clothing, and underwear layers using the Skin HUD.
The hand HUD is where you change your hand poses, and nail color, and the foot HUD is where you change foot positions and nail color. Included in the Foot HUD are three presets - Flat, Medium, and High - and JD (Just Designs) has allowed the JD Foot to be included in the HUD.
Lastly, a comparison of the three mesh bodies that are currently available
(These are all on the same exact shape, and with no editing - just windlights -)
First up, Venus:
Slink Physique:
Lastly, the Mesh Project
All-in-all, the Venus body is my favorite. It's compatible with my beloved Slink, but it has the ability to make a really cute chubby body. Case in point:
(Belleza does curvy rather well!)
The mesh project does well with cute and chubby too, but those feet are really awful, like so awful that they ruin the entire body, for me at least. TMP's main advantage is how beautiful and versatile the body can be,
Slink's main advantages are Slink hand/feet compatibility (duh!) and how realistic the hips and legs are, but Physique makes a prettier athletic/skinny body than it does a curvy one.

Venus will run you about L$4,000, a bit pricey, but well worth it in my opinion, if you're a fan of mesh bodies like I am.
Soon enough, the system avie will be obsolete, a welcome change?

<3 Jasey

Ashley BBB 3 - Pale: Belleza
Anouk - Nordic: Deetalez
Hair: Elizabeth - Irishred: Lelutka
Necklace: Charmed Necklace - Grace: Cae
Bodies & Hands & Feet: Venus Mesh Body: Belleza
Physique Mesh Body & Hands, Feet: Slink
Mesh Body Basic, & Hands, Feet (Beta): The Mesh Project
Eyelids: Mesh Lids & Lashes: Slink

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