Monday, February 3, 2014

Its our Imperfections that make us perfect for one another

Hello :)
Have you mingled yet? The Holiday Appreciation Association - the people who brought you Havenhollow - have a new interactive event called Mingle, and it is a really fun chance to meet some strangers and, well, mingle! To perform the brunt of the tasks you'll need at least one other person, which is great for those of us who have besties or sweeties to bring along, but for a few others you'll need up to 9 strangers! It's a perfect way to meet new people, and there is quite the lovely trove of prizes waiting for you once you finish all of the tasks.
I didn't have anyone with me when I did it - Thanks a ton, Winter! - lucky for me a complete stranger helped me along the entire time, and I even got to hug a few strangers, so that's always cool!
Mingle is just a really cute way to get out of your comfort zone and get a chance to meet some really rad people.
The sim is pretty adorable too, and I didn't run into a single problem, unlike when I did the Global Domination hunt and had my HUD wiped like 3 times >.<
The tasks are really simple, and cute, but can be quite awkward at times when you don't exactly know the person you're mingling with, but I felt a lot better knowing that I stepped away from the security blanket I call a platform and got to know someone new!
And the prizes! OMG they're just too cute.
Mingle is definitely something you don't want to miss.
Let's go Mingle!
<3 Jasey

Body: Isla - Pale: League
Head: Babydoll Mesh Head w/ "Pussy" face: The Shops
Hair: Hair 27 - Light Pink: Eaters Coma
Top: Mindy T-shirt - Valentine's Special: Erratic @ Mingle
Bottoms: Denim Black Tulle Skirt - Blue Denim: Baiastice
Tights: Kiss Me Slink Compatible Stockings: Jim @ Mingle
Earrings: Battlefield Earrings - Love: Auxiliary @ Mingle
Hands & Feet: Slink
Decor: Scarlet Creative, The Secret Store, MishMish, Commoner, Floorplan, Boogers, Intrigue Co., Contraption, Imeka, Half-Deer, Schadenfreude, and Steffen Garcia @ Mingle

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