Thursday, January 30, 2014

Will you be my Babydoll?

Hello :)
So I finally got my hands on the long awaited mesh head from the Shops. I believe the mesh heads are a collaboration? I dunno, all I know is to search for the Mesh Project in my inventory when I wanna wear this cutie.
I (unsurprisingly) chose the Babydoll head. Of course I demo-ed it first, but I wish I would have paid a little more attention to the demo, because after starting at it for a while, Babydoll is way too doll-like.
There were many issues and bugs with this new release, along with the new system they have going on, which I really don't think is that hard to navigate - just throwing that in there - and really, it was to be expected. When I got in, the sim was already full, and it was full for like 4 hours after the head released, and of course everyone was wearing their HUDS and Weapons and AO's, gosh there were several prim babies and tummy talkers even, scripts are going to go awry.
 Now, I'm still pretty miffed about the whole appliers issue, and I will admit that I did have a bratty attitude about this whole thing when the store was closed for almost a week to get this mesh head out, but when you look at the entirety of everything that was done, It's difficult to not become more understanding, what the Shops creative team did was pretty remarkable.
Anyways, moving on!
I got the Deluxe head, because I'm an all-in kind of gal, and the deluxe has a bit more than the standard basic head. For one, the deluxe head blinks, and it's mouth moves when you type. All of which you can turn off in the Stylemode HUD that came with the shopping HUD.
As you can see here, there are options to turn the blinking feature on and off, along with the talk feature (moving mouth when you type). There are "emotes of sorts", when I saw the emote option, before I read anything else, I got this quick thought of expressions such as a smile, or a frown, but unfortunately there are no expressions. The emotes include closing/opening your eyes, keeping your mouth closed, a slight pout with teeth showing, and a slightly larger pout with a bit more teeth. A bit disappointing, but oh well.
Now, here is the feature that gets me the most. I am so conflicted over this. The head doesn't come with make-ups. You have to purchase any new make-ups and eyebrows from the Skins portion of the store. Here's why I really love/hate this feature. I love it because all the make-up's I've already purchased are all there, in this one HUD, and they don't go to waste, which is great because they're quite pricey. I hate it, because the head is 5k, and the make-up's aren't cheap. LOGO's mesh head came with a variety of make-up, and there were add-on's that weren't too expensive and came with a lot of make-up choices. 
Bottom line, I really do like this head. If you're willing to spend 5k on it, I say go for it. The pro's definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion.
I didn't go for the mesh hands and feet, because the head actually matches my favorite Pink Fuel skin rather well, and I can wear all my attachments with that skin. Just like the faces, the mesh head is somewhat universal, it can be worn with other skins, you'll just have to be sure you actually have purchased a skin from the Skin Shops, or else the head won't work. It wont load the face from your favorite Glam Affair skin, obviously.
Overall, it's a good purchase for a mesh head addict like myself. Even though it sounds like they're blowing off the appliers issue, I am a fan of the mesh head, and I will continue to purchase from them. I wish I could quit you Skin Shops! Every time I say I'm out, those perfectly pouty lips pull me back in.
I hope this post helped you with any qualms you might have had with the new mesh head from the Shops. If you have any other questions feel free to drop a comment, or IM me in world.
<3 Jasey

Body: Harley - Ivory: Pink Fuel
Head: Babydoll Mesh Head w/Chanel face - 08: The Mesh Project/ The Skin Shops
Eyeshadow: Angel - Blanc: The Skin Shops
Lipstick: Jetset - Soft pinks: The Skin Shops
Hair: Helen - Blondefun: Lelutka
Jewelry: Cupcake set: Cae
Tattoo: Custom from B*Fly
Eyes: Spectral eyes - Nymph: IKON
Hands: Slink
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