Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oi, Pretty Boy!

Hey guys :)
Geeks and Nerds fair opens up on the 24th, and I'm pretty stoked! Today I bring you Hopscotch's contribution to the nerdgasm, the Apron, Sonic Screwdriver (Omg) and River's book (Which is actually a rare in a book gatcha)
The apron comes in both male and female sizes and includes designs to satiate any Doctor Who or Star Trek fan. There's plenty of room between the apron and the body so it can easily be worn over clothes, or not, cuz you know sexy, nerdy baking can be the best.
I really love the fact that I can now own my own Sonic Screwdriver in SL. It's so detailed, and even comes with a few poses, so that's cool. I'm mostly just gonna annoy the crap out of my friends with it. You've been warned!
<3 Jasey

Skin: Harley Lid 03 - Ivory: Pink Fuel (Closed until 11/24)
Hair: Stray Wishes - Natural Fusion 2: Exile
Apron: Kiss the Cook - Delete: Hopscotch @ The Geeks and Nerds Fair (Opens on the 24th)
Undies: Phat Azz Panties - Tardis Rare: Ellemeno
Shoes: Priscilla - Black: Slink @ Shoetopia
Book: Spoilers Rare: Hopscotch @ The Geeks and Nerds Fair (Opens on the 24th)
Sonic: It Doesn't Do Wood: Hopscotch @ The Geeks and Nerds Fair (Opens on the 24th)
Glasses: Boston Glasses - Black: Sleepy Eddy
Bottom: Phat Azz: Luck Inc.
Hands & Feet: Slink
Skin: Sky - 19: TheSkinShop
Hair: Exile
Boxers: Zaara
Mustache: Discord Designs
Glasses: Blues: PrimOptic
Hands: Slink

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