Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer time and the lovin's easy

Hey guys :D
I know haven't been blogging a ton, RL and such blah blah, things should be back to normal now though ^_^
So today I finally got a chance to hop over to Summerfest and see what was there. 
Everything there made my eyes cry happiness! JK, but seriously, the stuff there is amazing. The creators are just awesome for putting out such lovely things (Those Otters, OMG)
Not only the items for sale are awesome, the entire sim just oozes summer goodness. It makes me want to grab a Corona with lime and sit by the beach, but I can't because I live in the woods >.<
The mesh swimsuits by Valentina E. are so pretty (Of course I took all my pictures sitting, so I can't show off the swimsuit) and who else kept playing the Flowey popsicle gacha over and over? The Arcade must still be on my mnd. I still didn't get that Otter pop, but oh well! 
Expect some more summerfest pictures, because I intend to go back and shop my tush off! 
<3 Jasey

Skin: Harley 01 RARE (Peach): Pink fuel @ The Arcade
Hair: Celebrity Skin: Exile
Swimsuit: Naomi Suit - Lavender: Valentina E. @ Summerfest '13
Shoes: Picnic Heels - Pool: Ingenue @ Summerfest '13
Glasses: Tegan Sunglasses - Baby Blue: Noodles @ Summerfest '13
Bracelets: Fairytale Charms: Noodles @ The Arcade
Popsicle: Flowey @ Summerfest '13
Hands & Feet: SLink

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