Friday, April 19, 2013

FATEwear & Musa @ Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is coming up guys! Actually, it's tomorrow :P
I've been bombarded with blogger reviews for the faire, and I'm trying to piece together everything to make some lovely reviews for everyone who has sent me their items, but I apologize in advance to those whose items may not make it onto my blog.
Today I'm showing you the Dance with Sylph pose from Musa paired with the Rochon dress from FATEwear, which are both FF Exclusives.
The pose is breathtaking. The dancing veils that come with the pose are so glimmery and glowy. The full bright did have to be turned down a tad to be visible, but other then that the pose is perfect for Jasey the Wood Elf Princess, teehee!
FATEwear also has several exclusive items at the Faire,the one I'm wearing is the only gown for Females called Rochon, and it is very cute. I'm wearing Emerald, but the gown is also available in Sapphire, and  Diamond as well. 
I absolutely love FATEwear for Gio, and this dress doesn't dissapoint. The details are superb, and the shading is just perfect. The only drawback to the dress is the very high slit down the middle, which has the potential to expose some lady bits when in the right pose, but I always have a pair of nude undies on while wearing mesh, so it's no big deal.
All these items are at Fantasy Faire, which all the proceeds go to Relay for Life (A wonderful cause!) so head over tomorrow and grab up some lovely items :D
That's all for now! 
<3 Jasey

Skin: Elf Meadow (Acorn light): Curio
Hair: American Woman (Sunset): Exile
Dress: Rochon (Emerald): FATEwear @ Fantasy Faire
Crown: Autumn Wreathe: Evie's Closet
Lashes: Combo of Musa's tattoo layer (@ Fantasy Faire) and CornerPointed lashes from Redgrave
Pose: Dance with Sylph: Musa @ Fantasy Faire

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