Monday, April 1, 2013

FaMESHed - April Round

Ooooh April. My favorite month out of the year. Nevermind that it's my birthmonth (This Thursday to be exact!) or that it's gemstone is a diamond, but there's something about the month of April that makes me feel hopeful. Maybe it's all the non-scary rain, or maybe it's all the flowers that begin to bloom on the trees in my backyard. 
Whatever the reason, FaMESHed made me love April even more this year with it's new round!
I only got the new Truth hair and a pretty dress from e! but that's only cuz I couldn't decide on anything. I absolutely love shopping, i'm just a terrible shopper. I can never decide on anything, ever. I always float from ad to ad thinking "Oh I'll buy this one!" and then my brain goes "But what if the next thing is cooler and 1L over what you have left?" rinse and repeat.....
I'm pretty sure I'll be back at FaMESHed as soon as my shopper's guilt subsides.
You all should go though, so many cute and awesome things! Shop your little hearts out my pretties, you deserve it after enduring the harsh Winter!
<3 Jasey
Opera Chic (Sunkissed): Essences @ TDR
Hair: Tymbr (Seasand): Truth @ FaMESHed
Dress; Lilly Dress (Poppy)
Jewelry Set: Opal (Blue): Maxi Gossamer
Lipstick: The Mean Reds (Stop Sign): cheLLe
Pose: Gitterati

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