Sunday, March 17, 2013

You are my Sunshine

My only Sunshine....
You make me Happy when skies are Gray!
So I broke down and bought the Nea mesh head from Snow Rabbit, and overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
Now, before you go calling me a Jailbait Whore, like a Charming Young Lady did at Blacklace the other day, I won't be using this avie for my 50 Shades of Sexy pictures, or any Lingerie pictures for that matter, in my opinion this avie looks too young for that. This Avie will be a strictly PG avie. 
Anywho, back to my cute 'lil avie.
This baby comes with quite a few makeup options, but no pink eyeshadow :(
And the animations with this avatar are freakin' amazing! You smile, blink, and even close your eyes automatically with this head, and they are very smooth and seamless. 
However, there are quite a few glitches with this avie head. Not enough to completely write it off in my book, but just enough to bug me sometimes.
My first issue is that there aren't enough makeup options. Hopefully the creator has plans to create makeup add-on's in the future.
I also don't like that the HUD glitches a lot. For me, whenever I choose the blink-only option, my eyes will still close and stay closed for about 5 seconds, which isn't a huge deal, but it gets annoying, especially when I paid 3k for this avie.
Another issue that a lot of people have is the full bright/ face light options. When you don't have full bright on, there is a very noticeable seam where the neck and head meet, and when you do have full bright on, you can't use Lighting and Shadows, which I like to use a lot.
Overall, I'm happy with Nea, but I won't be using it for a lot of pictures.
What do you think of Nea?

<3 Jasey

Skin: S@R Hybrid Avatar Nea (Milky White): Snow Rabbit
Hair: Christina (Swedish): Truth Hair
Shirt: Bullying Stops Here Tank (Black): Mon Cheri
Necklaces: Moon Vine Lovers Heart (Silver Long w/Pearl): Maxi Gossamer
Rings: Everlasting Love Bridal Ring (Platinum): Earthstones
Sakrua Ring (Silver): Noodles @ The Boutique
Pose: Headshot 4-7: Glitterati 

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