Friday, March 29, 2013

To Soulmeturs Resident (A Rant by JaseyRae)

I LOVE how you decided to share our IM in your profile, claiming me to be the worst wedding photographer ever. Of course, you never happened to mention why I decided to go off on you.
So, let me explain it, so everyone else can see how rude, selfish, and down-right mean you are.
Firstly, Mr. Soul decided to "Black Out" right before his lovely bride was to walk down the aisle. Even though he was walking around the venue for a good 20 mins pretending to be someone else, and being downright rude to his future wife. Mind you, this was almost an hour after his scheduled wedding time, which was already an issue for me, since his original scheduled wedding time was 2 hours after my normal bed-time. Getting up at 7am with a toddler is very hard to do when I don't go to bed until after 3am dealing with rude impatient people.
Second, after your lame excuse as to why you bailed, we decided to do your wedding again anyways.
An elopement elite is only suppose to last an hour at the absolute most. I was there for almost 2 1/2 hours trying to get pictures, so I immediately went to bed afterwards.
As I'm brushing my teeth, I get a text from Winter telling me to come upstairs, which I did, only to witness Mr. Soul criticizing our turn over time for pictures (which is 2 weeks).
His actual words: "I'm trying not to die laughing"
Condescending much?
Then he decided to express how much more he knew about the wedding business than we do. Yes, HE knows more than one of the TOP wedding planning businesses in SL....
He even mentioned his Wedding Planner friend, and how she thinks our turn over time was extremely ridiculous.
Then why did you come to us for service?
Obviously your Wedding Planner friend isn't in business anymore, which can mean 2 things. She is a shoddy planner, or she just wasn't very busy. 
If she wasn't busy, than how would she know what it's like to have 10 Wedding Albums sitting on your desktop waiting to be finished? I take anywhere from 20-100 pictures per wedding depending on the package booked, and I edit them all with love, which tends to take a little while.
At first, I felt a little bad for the guy (You should have seen his backstory as to why he bailed on his fiancee, I didn't know vans could get Wi-Fi to run SL...)
So, the morning after all of this, I sign on to an IM from him, asking when they will get pictures back.
He already knew, after the conversation with Winter he damn well knew when he would get pics back, he just wanted to press the issue, because he loves drama? I dunno.
So yes, I went off. I had every right to go off. When you are a condescending dick, professionalism goes straight out the window. 
When you insult my work, and then expect something from me right then and there, when you expect me to give YOU priority over my better, nicer couples who have been waiting patiently, professionalism goes out the door.
So, Mr. Soulmeturs Resident, while I may be the worst wedding planner/photographer ever, you Sir are the most LAME excuse for a person EVER.
Have fun in your van down by the river. I wasn't too sure that the River got wi-fi, but hey, the times are changin'!
Seriously, he told Winter he lived in a van....but he's on SL literally ALL DAY.

Ugh. Sorry for the rant guys, but this guy ticks me off...To defame me in his profile like that, after the crap we had to deal with from him, I got a bit deranged LOL.
Love you all <3

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