Friday, February 8, 2013

Potential Brides BEWARE

Now, I usually don't like to rag on other SL planners, and SL creators, but this creator has gone too far.

One of my dear brides spent L$2,500 on the Nisha Gown which has been taken off the MP by the creator (what a dirty move), only to be so disappointed, and then harassed by "Miss" Corleone when she asked for help, and then a refund.

At first, Miss Corleone didn't respond to the bride when asked for help, but after putting a bad review  of the gown on the marketplace, the creator decided to IM my bride and tell her that she is turning her into LL for defamation of character, which is a crock of shit, because I saw the review after it was posted, and not once did she defame Miss Corleone, only told the TRUTH about the dress.

Here are some pictures of this monstrosity

See the uneven-ness? It's terrible, and ALL OVER the dress

See the size difference? And here's the kicker, it's NO MOD, so she can't just fix it.

This one might be harder to detect, but if you look, the tiers of the gown don't align, and there seems to be extra lace where it shouldn't be, and it's just so uneven.

Sorry for the unedited pics, but I didn't want to run the chance of being called a liar and a manipulator of pictures.

This might've been acceptable if she had charged the same amount of Lindens that she charges for her other gowns (usually under 50L's) but at L$2,500 this is a scam.

Sofia Corleone, be the PROFESSIONAL and give this lovely Bride her money back.

And while you're at it, stop sending your minions over to our sim while we are preforming weddings to try and crash our sim with script jammers (bad ones at that!)
It's not nice, we don't do it to you....Sounds like someone is sour grapey because they can't book weddings....OOOOOH

FYI, I don't have to be professional, i'm just the photographer :P

Checkmate, your move Celestina's Weddings.....

Sofia Corleone told our bride that she's a liar, and has turned Winter Tenenbaum in (why?) for being a liar as well....Since when did leaving negative feedback equal lying?
Someone can't take constructive criticism and needs a timeout....

Oh also, the bride was told that all she had to do was move prims around and all would be fine...Why would someone pay a ton of Lindens just to have to move prims around and massively edit something so it fits?

Sofia Corleone is a incompetent creator, and should really step off her pedestal, because she isn't that great, and obviously she's a dick to deal with.

2nd Update:

After being threatened with Legal Action (LOL) Winter spoke to a Linden about the matter, and said Linden has assured us that Miss Corleone has been told to STFU

This is what happens when you act like a shithead to your customers....

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