Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New things!


Sadie has been released!
I'm still toying around with it, I'll post headshots once i'm happy with the appearance.
So far, I love it! To me the Hi-res eyes are a waste, because they make the eyes look a bit off, but others may love it.
The Chloe is definitely more....detailed? I'm not sure, but the Chloe is much better. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Sadie, and I'll definitely be using it, but theres something about Chloe that makes me want to go back.

Anywho, I love my new look.

Along with a new look comes a new name!

I've changed my name in world to:
Jasey Pavlova-Katana

I didn't realize it when I thought of the name, but the co-creator of LOGO skins (Where I got my precious Sadie Avie lol) is named Polly Pavlova...Oh well.

The name came to me the other day from watching good ole Alton Brown on Good Eats, and he was explaining the origins of a highly complex Russian desert (Similar to the Baked Alaska) known as the Pavlova, and I just thought it would be a super cute name.

I was going to go all out and change my entire name, but that would've confused Winter all to hell...I'm surprised she doesn't call me Jasey in RL!

So there you have it. New look, new name...Lovin' the new me :)


<3 Jasey

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