Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Son!a Review

Hello lovelies!

Today (A day late, I know) I bring you my review on three Son!a bridal gowns. The Bella, Tania, and Sunset gowns.

First, the Bella gown. This gown is special to me because it was my wedding gown when I married Gio 2 years ago. 

The gown is so lovely. It comes in a couple different options. I myself prefer the big gown option, but for the less fussy bride it can be worn as a trumpet gown and still look gorgeous. 
The top can be a bit revealing, as you can see, the tops of the nipples show, and the gown doesn't come with pasties, but you can find simple pasties on the marketplace for free now, so it's not a big deal

This gown has everything you would want in a simple, yet sexy wedding gown. It will make you feel like a princess and a vixen all at the same time, but you will pay a pretty penny for this beauty, at L$ 2,000 this gown wont disappoint, if you're not a stingy bride. For the tight-pursed bride, this isn't the gown for you, it's a lovely gown, but it could be a lot better for the hefty price.

Next, we have one of the newer gowns at Son!a, the Tania gown

This gown screams modern, the shape, the single sleeve, the bling on top, but if you look closer at the lacy design on the skirt, you'll notice that there is an art deco, 1930's feel to it. This confused the hell outta me, because I wasn't sure which accessories to pair with it? I decided to go with an ulta-modern, yet super vintage (if that makes sense) accessory theme, with big chunky gold jewelry with sleek modern lines and geometric shapes, and a fabulous clutch instead of a bouquet. This gown can be worn in a fuller A-line option, or in a slightly trumpet-esque gown option, either looks lovely.

The veil looks lovely, but can't be worn with the feather shoulder piece without looking too crowded, and it can't really be worn with anything other than an updo. The veil has the same art-deco design that the skirt has. The headpiece/tiara looks a bit silly to me, but to others may look gorgeous, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I personally don't like it.

This gown believe it or not is one of Son!a's cheaper gowns, at L$1,750 it really is worth the price. It marries modern and vintage in a way I never thought possible, and in a way most designers couldn't pull off.

Lastly, the Sunrise gown.

This gown was actually a bridesmaid gown, but the colors screamed goth bride to me. With an all lace-top, and a victorian-esque trumpet gown it does romantic goth, not gaudy goth, which many designers are guilty of creating. This dress is perfect for the Vampire lady who has a cognac taste on a whiskey budget.

The lace detail all over the gown screams Poe, just without the death...The gown comes with pasties, perfect for the modest bride, because without the pasties the entire nip is shown, and thats not exactly wedding appropriate, but it is only a game, pixel nipples never killed anyone!

Since this is a bridesmaid gown, expect to pay less, the total price for this gem is only L$700
Don't get this confused with the Sunrise bridal gown which is exactly like this gown, only it is all white, comes with a veil, and has a longer train, which is L$2,000.

Overall, Son!a is a winner in my book. Her prices can be pretty outrageous, reaching up to 4k for a single gown, but there is never a compromise for quality. If you want the best of the best in SL, you go to Son!a. Winter and I have never had an issue with customer service at Son!a, in fact, when Winter got married 3 years ago, she asked Son!a for a dress in a custom color for her maid of honor (yours truly) she got back to her right away and made the dress for her lickety split! Winter got her cheesey Christmas wedding, with a perfectly Christmasy-green maid of honor dress!


Overall score for Son!a is a 9 out of 10. With great customer service and beautiful gowns, the only bad things I can say about Son!a is that there aren't enough options for the simple, modest bride, and the hefty price.

Stop by Son!a and see what lovely things you can find for your own Wedding!

Look out for my Bridesmaids review of Son!a on Friday!


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